About us

Annie Reid and Emily Turner are the founders of angels & urchins' magazine and website. They are university friends, who run the magazine and website from their homes, combining working and parenting of lots of children.

They are supported by the most amazing team, many of whom have been part of the team for close to ten years.

Faith Short runs the Production Department and keeps the wheels turning with her attention to detail and organisation skills. 

Philippa Prior heads up the Advertising Department with incredible skill. Her areas are Travel, What's On and Kids' Activities, Children's Parties, Fashion, Books and Interiors. 

Emmah Duffus, working from Cambridgeshire, looks after advertisers in the Schools' section. Whilst Georgia Dollar, also from Cambridgeshire, looks after the Pregnancy & Baby, Mumszone and Child Health sectors.

What's On guru is Julia Colls who is also first stop for parties. Julia and Anya Waddington also help Emily on schools and education issues.

Suzie Skipper is Health Editor and compiles our Finance pages.

Amanda Grapes has been the designer at angels & urchins since 2007. Cool and calm in the face of often punishing deadlines, she brings innovation to every issue. She lives with her family in sunny southern France. 

Daisy Allsup and Daisy Barnes joined the team in the last year and, as well as assistants to Emily and Annie, edit the What's On and Kids' Activities' sections of the website. 

a&u weekly is written by Claire Gill and our blog posts are by Amanda Morison.