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British Mummy Bloggers’ Carnival
Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

British Mummy Bloggers

When I signed up to host a BMB Carnival, the date I was allocated felt as far off as the expiry date on a new credit card. And just like expiry dates, the months have passed without me realising and it€™s now my turn. Which also means it’s summer, hurrah. I originally decided not to theme the posts, then changed my mind and asked for a vague €˜uplifting and summery€™ vibe. A volte face which was probably really annoying, but meant that I got what I probably really wanted all along €“ a hugely diverse range of posts that celebrates how parent blogs are the marvellous opposite of one-size-fits-all. So please grab a coffee €“ and make it a big one, there were so many great posts sent in that I couldn€™t narrow it down to the 25 suggested €“ and enjoy. Oh, and sorry that asking for €˜summery€™ posts has put a slight hitch in the sunny proceedings when it comes to weather…

Mums Rock, you made me laugh, as you always do. This time on the never-ending saga that is Liz Jones. If you€™re having a bad day and need cheering up, Saving Liz Jones (and no, that€™s exactly what she doesn€™t want you to do) is for you.

101 Birdtales is a first-time BMB Carnival blogger (thank you for choosing this week!). She writes movingly about her son in the Truth about Living with Aspergers, along with the realities of being a single mum to two children whose father doesn€™t make much effort. I hope she won€™t mind that aspects of her post reminded me of the best aspects of the mother in Jodi Piccoult€™s latest novel, House Rules. I€™m so glad to discover 101 Birdtales through hosting this carnival €“ and if your blog pic is anything to go by, you€™re a dead ringer for the gorgeous Katie Melua! The post also showcases the Living with Autism exhibition of artworks created by parents of children and young adults with autism. It€™s running at Putney Library, London, SW15 2DR until 19 June €“ for more details visit

Strange Beau also writes movingly about living with autism, and I found her post a salutory lesson for any parent because it taught me that most of us could probably learn to communicate better. See if you can stop your head nodding in recognition and your lips smiling in Show You How My Heart Beats.

Baby Rambles watched her son deal with the heartbreaking loss of a balloon, and realised that the way he dealt with it wasn€™t so different to the way an adult might rationalise the unexpected in Lessons in Loss.

A Modern Mother is no stranger to BMB Carnivals (well, she hardly would be, having introduced the idea to the UK!), and once you€™ve read her post about a secret picnic spot on the Thames, where she’s bedazzled by mayflies, you€™ll want to find out exactly where it is so that you can crash the views and the delicious sounding food and Pimm€™s. Mmmm. She couldn€™t find cucumber, but the apple and oranges sound like boozy bliss. 

Summer, if temporarily in abeyance, is here. I know this for sure because the pale and always interesting Muddling Along Mummy has been debating whether to fake it or ignore it in the tanning department. 

I loved Babes About Town€™s post Trying for a Girl. As a mother of three boys, I was as horrified as Babes About Town had been about the documentary Eight Boys Desperate for a Girl, although I can totally sympathise with her wish to think pink. Fab blogger Pants with Names On, recently back from a long stint living in Bosnia and another mother of boys, might also understand €“ though perhaps girls make up rude, toilet humour lyrics to famous songs too?

Baby Budgeting€™s robust blog is a must-read, and her on post C’Mon Summer includes a genius tip to pay the children a penny a time to oust a dandelion from the lawn. Hope you get the summer we€™ve all been praying for so that you can enjoy your newly gorgeous lawn! Baking Mad Mama also celebrates summer, and her imminent 30th birthday (pah! spring chicken!), with a post on how little her life has actually changed through the years.  Crystal Jigsaw posts some beautiful summery photographs, and enjoys one of those lovely moments when she sees for herself that her daughter is clearly as much in love with nature as she is. It€™s a Mummy€™s Life also spent time skipping around in the sunshine, this time in a beautiful wood. Her lucky daughters were clearly mesmerised by her tales of fairies and their fur coats €“ it sounded a magical excursion.  There are more fairies in Nuture Stores’ How to Make a Fairy Garden €“ the video shows you to add stepping stones and some seeds to create a magical world in miniature.

Skybluesea writes and photographs Game On, on playing football on the beach with her 14-year-old son, who surely will be in the line-up for the next World Cup! To this mum of tiny boys, it was fun to see at first-hand what life will be like for me in a few short years’ time when I’m dwarfed by teenagers.

Vietnamese beaches featured on Travels With a Nine Year Old, specifically on Cat Ba island. The writer, a single mother, has been travelling with her son for four months and counting, and her post is about the father of her child joining them for a holiday and them all being treated as a typically husband and wife unit. They’re sharing a family beach hut, eating out together, and get along really well – it’s a funny read, and very far removed from my mundane current school/nursery run day-to-day.

Mummy from the Heart wrote about those lovely family moments that make her smile €“ you know, the ones that make any number of sleepless nights worthwhile. Kids Travel 2 compiled a beautiful list of the things that make parents raise an wry eyebrow in You Know You€™re a Mum When…

One of the blogosphere’s friendliest bloggers, New Mummy, finds that life with her gorgeous daughter, now officially a toddler, is racing past in OMG BG is 18 months old. It€™s a similar story at Baby Baby, with Where Did My Babies Go marvelling at two boys who still need their grazed knees kissed better and plenty of cuddles from mummy. Though I would like to say not to worry to both of you, it sounds as though you€™re the kind of mummies your children will always turn to in times of need (and kneed!).

If I Could Escape wrote about The Words I Wasn’t Quite Ready to Hear – her rapidly growing son has a girlfriend!

Clever Motivating Mum has discovered the meaning of life. Go on, take a look at her convincing theory about the mathematics of being mum. Diary of a Surprise Mum realises the important things too, and relishes being surrounded by her wonderful family, cousins and all at a family occasion in Forget Other Animals.

With holidays looming, Mommy Has a Headache€™s post about the so-called €˜French paradox€™, and how those femmes manage to stay so darned svelte on their diet of cheese and red wine made me laugh. Not a case of €˜vive la difference€™ because it€™s a secret I€™d love someone to let me in on.

Not sure what the svelte mamans would make of Frugal Family€™s smiley homemade pizzas, but  they looked great to me, and I€™m sure any child lucky enough to help make them would think likewise. Yum. It€™s a similar indulgent story with the delectably gooey looking trifle over at LivingwithKids in a post about inherited recipes, and the ones you€™d like to pass on to your kids.

Meanwhile at the John Crane blog, the yummiest mummy of any nationality would be proud to strike a yoga pose as well as Mr Woodenmum!  And Notes from Home is surprised by just how much her son covets her beautiful apothecary chest in Waiting a Tad Impatiently for my Liking €“ very amusing.

In Sardinia, Fab Mums wrote about a surprisingly enjoyable day of science fun for all the family. She wanted to hit the beach, and ended up doing just that in order to collect algae and pebbles, and simulate a volcano with sand and bicarbonate of soda.  

Baby Genie wrote about those moments any of us living with a partner can relate to in How Am I Supposed To Know It Was In That Drawer. Now, OH, where exactly did you think that basket of laundry was heading? And yes, guilty as charged on that faint whiff of fake tan…

Deer Baby writes  about the early days of her relationship, and having read Cupboard Love, I suspect she might well become a football widow during the next bit of the summer. Good luck – hope you don’t lock yourself in again!

 A job I definitely leave to the husband is spider removal. If you€™re feeling brave, visit 21st Century Mummy€™s post on spider-phobia and how she€™s determined not to pass it on to her two-year-old.  Gail at Big Beluga Baby recently had a fourth baby, and has one of those double-take moments when she mistakes a doll for the real thing in Mother of Four Goes Bonkers.

Mammapo had a heart-stopping €œwhat if€ moment for real when she discovered how nearly a butterfly fairylight bulb had set her daughter€™s mattress alight. While Rainsinger writes a beautiful post about the ghosts of children in her family€™s ancestry, the ones that didn€™t live long enough to do all the things her son is currently enjoying.

So thank you, one and all, for taking part. It€™s been humbling reading such well-written, witty and diverse chapters in so many different lives. And Mrshev, if you’re reading this, I’m still waiting for you to show me your talented-sounding norks.

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20 Responses to “British Mummy Bloggers’ Carnival”
  1. WOW! Its enormous, well done you for putting it together, must have taken forever

    Bookmarking and will be dipping in and out over my coffee breaks

  2. What a lovely happy carnival. Just read Mums Rock, and had a good laugh, so thankyou! Will get my way through them all during the week x

  3. New Mummy says:

    What a fantastic collection, thank you for all the hard work. Friendliest blogger? why thank you x

  4. KidsTravel2 says:

    Phew – and breathe. Can you take the rest of the day off? Thanks for including me and looking forward to reading all the other blogs x

  5. maria says:

    Great carnival – It must have taken forever to compile! Thanks for including me x

  6. Sandy Calico says:

    Fabulous carnival. Thanks for including my post x

  7. EmmaK says:

    Wow that was a really great read. Thanks for including me and I have tweeted you.

  8. Another thank you for me for hosting this very busy carnival – you’ve done great.

    CJ xx

  9. Wow, you’ve done a fab job here. So much to read! I’m thrilled to be included. Will retweet asap.

  10. Thanks a lot for putting this together. I have my diet coke nad now for a good old read! Mich x

  11. Man (or should I say Mummy) Alive! You sure put the hours in so well done you. Thanks so much for including my post, I’m slowly working my way through the list and have touched by the Asperger mum’s post as well as the following one from Lyla’s mum. Also retweeted it but will do it again too x

  12. FabbieMum says:

    great introduction to the world of mum blogs, thank you. lol :)

  13. Thanks so much for putting this together! (and sorry I’m so late). As usual, a great collection of posts from the trenches of mummyhood.

  14. angels&urchinsblog says:

    MuddlingAlong – It took a few coffees to put together, must admit. Loved it, though.

    itsamummyslife – Liz Jones should do stand up. With a stash of rotten tomatoes for the audience.

    New Mummy – I say it as I see it! :)

    KidsTravel2 – I’ll book a holiday!

    Maria – Lovely to have you on board.

    SandyCalico – Ditto!

    EmmaK – Thanks for the tweet.

    CrystalJigsaw – aaah, thank you. x

    BabesAboutTown – Thank you.

    Michelle Twin Mum – Mmmm, Diet Coke.

    Gigi – I really enjoyed that post too.

    FabbieMum – Glad you enjoyed – and now get blogging!

    A Modern Mother – ‘Trenches’ is a good way of putting it!

  15. Thanks so much for including me!!

  16. Nice website, I love it, but it appears a kind of out of layer when under netscape browser, keep it going:)

  17. AMuseInnerMe says:

    Brilliant, you’ve just introduced me to loads more blogs that are right up my street all in one go. So far I’ve read a few posts on the first 5 blogs! Looks like my evening is sorted out!

  18. angels&urchinsblog says:

    If I Could Escape – You are most welcome. Can we escape to you soon?!

    Libbie Maybin – Thanks, and sorry about the netscape thing.

    AMuseInnerMe – And now I’ve met another blogger; you! Thanks for visiting the carnival.

  19. well done!nice job!

  20. Bottles says:

    I really enjoyed visiting your blog. If you get a chance you should check my blog as well. I hope you have a great day!

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