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Do you like money saving websites?
Monday, September 12th, 2011

I seem to be offered something for nothing quite a bit at the moment. And if not for nothing, then at a heavily discounted rate. Fish pedicures for half price, buy one get one free massages, last week someone to come and clean my house at 30% off. The last one in particular rang alarm bells because it struck me that the person doing the cleaning might well be the one to receive the 30% off his or her salary. I like clean carpets but prefer a clean conscience to go with them. I’m also pretty cautious. All those Key Noir, Groupon and Vent Privee websites probably will give you money off something, but if the something isn’t what you wanted to begin with you’ve saved rather than spent?

After a tip-off from my sister, I do use Top Cash Back. Gawd knows how it works but it does genuinely give money back on purchases made through its website. I bought expensive Timberland boots for two of my children and got back 5.6% back of the purchase price. Lego set for another son meant getting nearly 5% back. Not life-changing amounts but nice nonetheless, especially as both purchases were things I was definitely going to buy anyway. What’s the catch? Probably being targeted by companies who use clever Cookies technology to discover I have children aged six and younger. Ending up on yet more mailing lists? Putting High Street shops out of business?

Half-Pint Chic Logo

So I was interested to hear about new website Half-Pint Chic. Truly not my kind of site because it specialises in discounted designer childrenswear. Sign up and you’ll get up to 70% off designer labels. I’ve bought my children the odd designer number but mainly rely on hand-me-downs from family and the odd rummage on the High Street. It just seems wrong to spend £80 on a jumper for a six-year-old that he’ll grow out of within months. Or cover with bolognaise. I like clothes and love shopping but have four boys whose only fashion criteria is if something is scratchy or not.

I took a look at the site and thought that £14 (50% off the original £28) seemed a great bargain for a cute Toffee Moon pullie. And I guess it would last longer than a fish pedicure or carpet clean.

Yours for £14, bargain hunter

Yours for £14, bargain hunter

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3 Responses to “Do you like money saving websites?”
  1. Yessums says:

    Everyone likes a bargain.

  2. angels&urchinsblog says:

    Yessums – Yessums, don’t we just?

  3. Karen says:

    I also like and use which lists all the latest fashion voucher codes.

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