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Top of the cake pops
Thursday, September 15th, 2011

At the risk of sounding all, “Wow! Have you seen these amazing treats?” and getting a laugh in return because you’ve been eating them since Christmas, what do you think of Cake Pops? I came across them for the first time earlier this week at a three-year-old’s birthday party. Which probably does mean I’m as out of date as blue and pink eyeshadow. The party was held at the soft play centre with cafe It’s a Kid’s Thing in Earlsfield (good party games, friendly staff, excellent coffee but blimmin’ noisy)

Cake pops: All too easy to pop into your mouth...

Cake pops: All too easy to pop into your mouth...

The mother had laid on bowls of cake pops for the mothers, which probably explained why so many of us hung around. You know what it’s like, often a case of ¬†”dump and run to Sainsbury’s” when it comes to parties… The cake pops, made by The Little Cakepop Company (follow them on Facebook)¬†were things of beauty. Iced in pale blue and twinkling with stars, sugar strands and silver balls, in two beautiful bites each was gone. Which makes them almost calorie-free, unlike the other cake craze still going on, the stunning but deadly cupcakes.

Son three kindly ‘stole’ three cake pops to take home to his brothers. Very nice they looked too until he shook them into crumbs in the car. Here they are before the shaking stage.

Cake Pops Trend

This new trend was confirmed at school drop off yesterday when a mum who is always the first to know talked about making cake pops for her daughter’s birthday the following weeks. A quick Google and I discovered loads of companies selling Cake Pops. The Little Cake Pop Shop sells ‘larger than bite-size’ truffle-style treats. North London’s Pop Bakery‘s astounding range includes animals, world globes and sailors, and the Russian Matrioska dolls pictured above. Hackney-based Molly Bakes sells stunning versions, including these incredible rose-topped pops.

Molly Bakes works of art on a stick

Molly Bakes works of art on a stick

I’m smitten. Move over macaroon. Though if I found one nestling on a plate next to a cake pop I’d probably consider seeing if I could fit both in my mouth at the same time.

Just in! Alison at Plus 2.4 just alerted me to the Bakerella blog. Awesome doesn’t begin to cover it. What this lady can’t do with sugar isn’t worth knowing about. Check out her Garfield beauties, below.

Bakerella Garfield Cake Pops

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11 Responses to “Top of the cake pops”
  1. Urban Mums says:

    I took a cake pops course last spring at the make lounge – it was a lot of fun and really, they are the cutest treat! i have to say that taste-wise, i still prefer the cupcake though. but i’m not so picky that i’d ever turn a cake pop down either!

  2. angels&urchinsblog says:

    Urban Mums – Trust you to be first on the scene! I’ve just looked up the Make Lounge ( for anyone who is interested) and it looks jam packed with fabness. Quite keen on the sewing courses; I’ve never lost my fear of sewing machines after an unfortunate stitching-a-finger moment at school. Fascinator course looks great too. Thank you.

  3. mrshev says:

    Jesus wept.

    What is wrong with cupcakes? What is wrong with lollipops? Why combine them?

    What next? Marmlite – marmalade and marmite. Ice-Beans – ice cream and baked beans in one handy scoop. Hula-Dips – potato snacks that you can dip in sherbert.

    The world’s gone mad, I tells ya. I’m going out to wave a stick at people.

  4. angels&urchinsblog says:

    mrshev – It’s all about the bite-sized cuteness of it all. They’re small. They’re sweet. They’re created to look like teeny-weeny people and animals. They’re fussy little things which must take hours to make. Bit like children…? Why do it? Gawd knows, but I do find them endearing. There is nothing necessary about a cake pop. Were you stuck in a lift with only a Garfield cake pop for sustenance you’d wish you’d packed your Subway bloomer and pound of cheddar. But, when all is said and done, the Hula Dips (quite like the sound of them, by the way) are reduced to crumbs, and the world is going mad, there will always be something cheery about the sight of a Sailor-style cake pop that’s taken weeks to perfect.

    I think I’d better go now. Sugar rush and all.

  5. Helen Miller says:

    Hello. Don’t forget me, a putney mum and cake popper! I’ve just left the corporate world to set up my business all for the love of a cake pop. That’s how smitten I am with them.

  6. angels&urchinsblog says:

    Lois – Thanks!

    Helen Miller – I’ll come over and take a look. Perhaps you’d like to do a guest post on all things cake pop? I’ve made them twice, and can’t pretend mine looked anything other than pretty amateur.

  7. Helen Miller says:

    I’d love to do a post on all things cake pop. My email is Let me know when you want it for, how long and anything particular included? Thx

  8. driftwood says:

    oh those look too cute for words. but far too small, to get the same cake therapy as a decent sized slice of cake you’d need to eat loads……..

  9. angels&urchinsblog says:

    driftwood – Cake Pops remind me of being in an office on birthdays. Instead of taking a decent sized slice of cake we’d all take a tiny smidge, then go back for a second tiny smidge, and so on and so on until we’d each eaten about twice as much as we would have done if we’d had a decent slice in the first place. Having made cake pops I can vouch for how rich they are. Lots of chocolate, lots of icing, surprising amount of cake, so they’re more filling that you might think. Especially when you eat three of them…

  10. Aly says:

    Hi! Thanks for the mention.Bakerella really is fab! Pioneer Woman had her do a guest blog a while back where she baked at her house.I’m trying halloween ones next week.

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