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My mother is blue
Monday, March 19th, 2012

Thought I’d share my rather sweet Mother’s Day Message. As you might not be able to read it due to my blurred iPhone photograph (I’ve an iPhone 3, and the camera is hopeless) I’ve translated it, below.

My Mummy…

Mummy’s got yellow hair and blue eyes and legs. I cook with her, teddy bear cakes and more cakes. And I’ve got a boy baby and my baby hits me all the time. My mummy is going to the hospital cos she had a bad cough. I want a chin for her because her is got a chin. Have a good mother’s but my Mummy’s not going to come cos she got a good cough.

What all that’s about, I’m not sure. I don’t have a cough, though I did recently go to hospital to have an annoying, but non-malignant, mole taken off my back. As for the chin – I’ve got quite a big chin! And yes, the boy baby does hit him all the time. It’s not personal, he does it to everyone and it seems to be his way of hugging. Or so I’m telling myself…!


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