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What to buy for tricky tweens
Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

I love buying presents for girls, though don’t get as much practice as I’d like because I’ve only got sons. And it’s hard to know what children aged nine and up like as gifts, and it’s awful seeing the disappointment on a niece or godchild’s face when she clearly feels you’ve chosen something babyish. The old favourites still seem popular – stationery, especially if it smells of fruit and is glittery, jewellery (and there is masses to choose from today, wouldn’t us tweens of the Seventies and Eighties have loved friendship bracelets?) and make-up. A new find is Gifts for Tweens, and it’s got presents for boys and for girls.

The boys’ selection is good. There isn’t a Nerf gun in sight (I say ‘yay’, sons alas say ‘nay’), but what’s not to like about an icky X-Ray Frog Anatomy Model or very rock ‘n’ roll looking red guitar?

For girls, all is subtly and not-so-subtly pink and glittery. There are dolls, dollshouses, make-it-yourself kits galore to stitch dogs and other delights and make-up galore. For someone who practically cried one Christmas when she got some peel-off Tinkerbell nail polish in her stocking, this looks like heaven.

Order quick, spend £15 or more and you might just get hold of a Piggy Paint nail varnish. Eco friendly and in a very nice pink, it might be worth keeping it for yourself.

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