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Discoveries during Walk to School week
Monday, May 21st, 2012

Wandsworth Common Pond. OK, it's not the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but it does have a certain quiet beauty.

We live (I’ve just discovered on my nifty iPhone Maps app) 2.2miles from our children’s school. Most of the time I drive the children there, most of the time I drive them back home again. Every year we join in with Walk to School Week. Every year we enjoy it. Every year we vow to continue (‘so much easier, lots of fresh air, good to get fitter’). And every year we fail.

I really don’t know why we don’t keep up with it and keep on walking. Just over two miles is not so very far. It takes us around 25 minutes, with the boys on bike or scooter and me huffing and puffing behind them in my trainers. I don’t miss ducking and diving through South West London’s horrible traffic and having to back into impossible corners by aggressive drivers who feel their time is much more important than that of a mum in a people carrier. I like feeling a bit fitter by the end of the week. And I adore having the kind of funny chats with my boys that just wouldn’t be possible if I were getting all stressed in the car. Here are today’s highlights:

  • Do Canada geese taste good? (This on seeing a brace of them on Wandsworth Common pond)
  • Wow, look at that house, I wish we could live there. Picture, if you will, an electricity substation, the merits of which as a dwelling seem to consist in all its signs warning of ‘Danger of Death’
  • Son one: ‘I got ten out of ten in my spelling test’. Mum: ‘Fantastic, well done you’. Son one: ‘Yes, I only got three wrong’.
  • Enjoying looking at fluffy moorhen chicks on Wandsworth Common pond, gathering interesting leaves for the class nature table and counting the different breeds of dog we encounter. This morning we got up to eight, including a West Highland terrier, black labrador and adorable white pug.

You can cheat on Walk to School week and go part of the way in the car and the rest on foot. I’m not sure parking around the corner from the school, as I saw some parents doing this morning, is quite in the spirit of the thing. Call us smug but I think after a two-mile walk the special stickers being given out have been earned. Walking ten paces seems a bit lackadaisical.

A dawdle by Wandsworth Common pond during Walk to School week

Son two has just returned from school, with bike, having been dropped off by another parent who lives on our street. I asked him what he liked best about the cycle ride this morning. ‘Trying to find dead fish in the pond’ he responded.



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4 Responses to “Discoveries during Walk to School week”
  1. MumsAwayUK says:

    We’re lucky – school just a 10 minute walk away. But it can take 20 minutes if we spot a slug / snail / dog poo on the footpath.

  2. Delightful. The highlights made us chuckle.

  3. Go!Go!Go! says:

    What a great week for #walktoschoolweek We’re touring schools but using a hot vehicle unfortunately!

  4. angels&urchinsblog says:

    MumsAwayUK – Lucky you being so close to school, and it’s amazing how many distractions there are on even the shortest route.

    LivingStreets – Thank you!

    Go!Go!Go! Hope the tour is going well.

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