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Getting back in shape after a baby
Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Becoming a yummy mummy in a Live Fit MumsFit class

Live Fit ‘FitMums’ (020 7385 0688) is a London-based group training system designed to work around the physical challenges of motherhood. Developed by James Hardy (rugby player, kick boxer, marathon runner and personal trainer of 10 years standing) with a midwife, dietician and Pilates instructor, this concept provides the material for return to peak physical fitness. Creche facilities are available at every class, meaning there’s no excuse to stay at home wearing tracksuit bottoms!

I wanted to know how (and if) it worked, so spoke to mum of two Caroline. See what you think.

Q: Caroline, how did you find out about FitMums?
A: I asked a friend how she looked so fit and well post-baby. She’d signed up to FitMums, so I decided  to go for the challenge too.

Q: How many children do you have, and how old are they?
A: Two, a 4 year old and an18 month old.

Q: What did you particularly want to focus on? A bit of me-time, losing weight or toning? Perhaps a combination.
A: After two pregnancies my main focus was to get back into shape, whilst ensuring some me-time as well. I looked around at many different options designed for busy mums and was attracted to FitMums by their complete package of nutrition and exercise. The programme includes group personal training, nutrition advice and home workouts and it seemed by far the best value for money for what I was looking to achieve.

Q: Were you keen on exercise before having children?
A: Yes I was, although I was more of a fair-weather exerciser than a gym bunny.

Q How do you manage to fit exercising into your weekly routine?
A: I have never been very good at exercising in the evening, and that has now become even more the case with two kids. By the end of the day I am just too tired! So for me I have to fit it in during the day. I fit exercise in by the going to a FitMums class once a week (which thanks to the onsite creche is easy). The rest of the time, I try to fit in their €œhome workouts€ when I can while the kids are having their lunch as it is a quick 30-min burst.

Q: If you could pass on three things you’ve learnt, what would they be?
That fitting in exercise around kids isn€™t as hard as you think it will be. I always assumed it would be impossible, but FitMums has shown me some great toning routines to do at home that have made all the difference.

We have all had it ingrained in us that sugar is bad for you, but too many non-vegetable carbs is also one of the worst things you can do for weight loss. The majority of your carbs should come from veggies, fruit and legumes. Some should come from wholegrains like Quinoa, Cereals, Rice, and none from (Wheat) Bread, Pasta, Cous Cous.

Eat little and often to avoid binge eating caused by low blood sugar. Eating a handful of nuts is one of my favourite ways of avoiding the late afternoon sugar craving.


Q:What have you gained most from your sessions with FitMums?
A: The confidence from being able to fit back into my old clothes again!


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