Back to Work

Maybe your child has just started nursery, school or even university. Perhaps you’d like another source of income? Or you want to re-ignite the working you. Whether you’ve been out of work for a few months or several years it’s often very difficult to know how to go about finding your ideal job.

The good news is that most companies nowadays have a very strong ethos of flexible working and many will be looking to recruit women returners. Suzie Skipper explores way of getting back to work, and meets four working mum's who share how they do it:

Confidence, confidence, confidence

If you are lacking self-belief, start by writing down all the things you’ve done in your life professional and otherwise. Take baby steps from there... and don't give up!

Network, network, network

Living in 2015, networking couldn’t be easier. Join Linked In, go for a coffee and broadcast the news that you’re looking for a job. 


Gather some support for this new period in your life. 


Big news in the UK right now, 'Returnships' offer the chance to take on paid short-term employment and receive coaching and training. 

Flexible Working

Flexible doesn’t necessarily mean part time. It could be working from home some days, or term-time work. A smart phone and laptop are the tools that will help you. 

Case Studies

Four working Mums tell us how they do it.