Colour make-over

house of colour

Annie: Canary yellow is my ‘double-star colour’. Not the chic French navy that I have always hankered after. In fact I am a ‘clear, bright, splashy Spring’, the more garish colours the better. Subtlety well and truly out the window. I had a simply fascinating hour and a half session with lovely Morag in her bijou flat off High Street Kensington as she draped different shades of fabric over my shoulder and together we eliminated colours that quite clearly drained my face of colour and in some cases made me look ill. She calls these ’Thursday’ colours because of how awful they make you look (everyone will believe you when you pull a sicky off work). As well as clothes, Morag advises on make up (I am now sporting a bright coral lipstick) and, just as I was leaving, she asked me to hitch up my long skirt to just above my knee. ‘Much better length for you ...’ I’m off to do a spring clean edit of my wardrobe ... there won’t be much left.

House of Colour Colour analysis £130; Personal style £175 and Make-up and skincare £55 Morag Young 07791145711