I felt completely energised after our 45-minute Dash London session. Running in hundred metre bursts, as instructed, evoked a keen memory of athletic classes when I was 13 years old. I wish I had had similar instruction on technique then. It was news to me that power and stamina can all come from your arm movements. Determinedly pump your arms in a rhythmic way and your legs will automatically follow.

Our coaches Sarada and Lawrence compete with the Thames Valley Harriers and have set up Dash London to teach people to run properly and offer short-burst regular workouts. We met on an astro pitch and started with stretching and running drills: ‘cycling’ exercises to engage the glutes, arm/ leg coordination skills, heels up to your glutes and running backwards with as long a stride as possible. Then the hard work started with jogging and sprinting at intervals. It felt good! Finally lunging and stretching to finish and we left feeing completely set up for the day.


Classes start from 6.30am in Regent’s Park, Ravenscourt Park (W6) and coming soon to Clapham Common. dashteamlondon.co.uk