Inner strength

EMILY: The latest must-have product from the States is the Elvie, a pelvic floor exercise device that is connected to your phone via an app. As a Pilates enthusiast who is always a little unsure I am doing it properly when the teacher says ‘Engage your pelvic floor muscles’, it sounded perfect for me. It comes in a discreet looking tube that contains a smooth pebble-shaped device that you insert like a Tampax. You have to charge it, download the app and then pair it to your phone via Bluetooth. This may all seem a bit techy but once you start the app senses the pressure you are applying and you build up your strength: ‘Making progress’, ‘Doing great’, ‘Awesome results.’ Plus it records your exercise history so you can see how you are progressing. I will be trampolining all summer long! £149 elvie.com