Find the Perfect Part-time Job

Tips to find your ideal part-time job

A&U’s Suzie Skipper asks recruitment specialist, Sarah Broad, director of jobs board, Attune Jobs, specialising in flexible jobs to share her top tips on how to find your perfect flexible role after having had a career break.

Perhaps your child has just started nursery or school or your youngest has just begun senior school. Or you’d like another income stream or just fancy going back to work. You’ll be pleased to hear that finding an interesting part-time role after having had been away from the work place be it a few months or more than a decade is even easier than it used to be. Most companies have a very strong ethos of flexible working and many will be looking to recruit women returners who they know have a wealth of experience and knowledge.


1) Use google - Always put in the search bar part-time or flexible working in e.g. HR or part time jobs in e.g. London.  Most job boards will have a part-time section. 


2) Flexible job sites - Sign up to specialist part-time and flexible working job sites like They will be able to send you up to date jobs straight to your inbox.  They will also have many jobs from different firms so you only need to look in one place.


3) Agencies - use specialist part-time and flexible working recruitment agencies. There are more and more of them.  Get in contact and work with the consultant in finding the right job for you.


4) Use LinkedIn - get reacquainted with your old work network, ask them for help. Most people will be happy to have a coffee and share ideas.  You can also add in your profile that you are looking for part-time 3 days a week job opportunities as HR Manager.  More and more companies are using LinkedIn to find new employees.


5) Twitter - follow job boards and employers on Twitter.  It means you will be up to date with all their vacancies


6) Network - share with Mum / parenting groups / school gate / family & friends that you are looking for a new job. Ask around. You’ll be amazed at how using your network can really help spread the word,


“Finally, if you are looking for a flexible job and you want your new employer to be flexible then you must be flexible too.  Also, invest your time, don't give up, it is not going to happen overnight,” advises Sarah Broad.


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