Food boxes on trial

You can’t walk through through London at the moment without being leafletted about the latest food box launch. We put four to the test.



A great choice for busy parents and families. Choose from 10 delicious (and healthy) recipes each week – there are always meat, fish or veggie options. The recipe cards are easy to follow and make cooking enjoyable and fuss free. Best of all, the pre-portioned ingredients eliminate food waste.

3 recipes for 2 people costs £34.99

Mindful Chef


Mindful Chef is ideal for someone who wants to ensure they have a series of healthy meals each week. None of the recipes include any pasta, white
rice or bread; they all include the calorie count and a breakdown of protein, carbs and fat content. They guarantee recipes won’t take longer than 25 minutes; mine took just 15 and were delicious and very filling.

Food boxes arrive on Sundays or Mondays. 3 recipes for 1 person costs £24

Pure Package

pure package

Pure Package is a celebrity favourite. Each customer gets a phone consultation and advice on which package would work best. I triednthe Paleo diet, which I was told would prevent my tea-time biscuit cravings. It arrived in a slick black bag with tasty meals and snacks for the whole day; I didn’t feel hungry once. If you have a particular goal in mind like losing weight or getting fit, Pure Package is a great option.

From £30/day

Riverford Organic


Keen to have a meat- free week, we tried Riverford’s veggie menu box. Veggies were as fresh and delicious as you would expect and additional ingredients all weighed out. Polenta with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes one day; swede, apple, leek and cheese bake the next. Both the dishes we had were delicious and filling and made us cook vegetarian meals we would not have otherwise done.

A box of 3 vegetarian meals, £33.95