Interview with Marina Fogle

Earliest London memory? Seeing the Household Cavalry in Hyde Park. I still run in the park and love seeing them.

What new part of London have you discovered with kids? All the amazing playgrounds in so many parts of London.

Favourite museum? The Science Museum. If I went on Desert Island Discs it would be my ‘luxury’.

Favourite place you’ve been to as a family? We went to the Bahamas at Christmas for a month. Bliss.

What are you doing this summer? We’re staying just outside Salzburg in Austria, where my mother is from. We swim and walk and look at the beautiful views of the city.

Where haven’t you been that you would like to visit? thebumpclass.comMy younger sister Olivia has just come back from a horseback safari honeymoon. I would love to see Africa like that, setting up a luxury camp each night.

Perfect weekend? In the country. Going on ‘adventure walks’ where I often make up stories with different roles for young children so they don’t moan about going for a walk.

Favourite restaurant to take the kids to? The Serpentine Café in Hyde Park. After a big walk we all eat pizza.

This being our Scottish issue, have you been to the castaway island that Ben went to which gripped the nation? In fact we went on our honeymoon. We stayed in a converted school – in bunk beds! It was extremely special to see the island that had such an impact on my husband’s life. I love Scotland; I went to Edinburgh University.

Where did you meet Ben? I bumped into him in the park with my chocolate labrador. He was a present for getting an A in my German A Level. I needed that bribe to get me there.

How has motherhood changed your life? (Marina laughs.) Totally, I am a better multitasker.

What was the inspiration behind The Bump Class? I was one of the first of my friends to have a baby. I went to a really amazing antenatal class (Christine Hill) when I was having Ludo and after those eight weeks of classes I became confident about giving birth. Soon after my sister Chiara, a GP, had a baby. Combining the professional and the practical, it seemed the natural thing and we have never looked back. I find it a privilege to meet all these new parents.

Best new parent tip? Don’t be afraid of being tired. You can function very well with extreme tiredness. If you’re not afraid of it, it will be much easier to deal with. And don’t look up anything on the internet. It’ll tell you if you’re tired that you could die!

How do you explain to mothers-to-be about your own birth experience with your stillborn child? I tell all my classes about my experience and then move on. Knowledge is power. I have had a lot of support to help me with the loss of Willem. All the now accepted ways to help with grief, including seeing your child in the hospital and making a memory box, do help. Because we’ve never hidden our grief from the children, they are able to talk about their brother and accept his death in a surprisingly matter-offact way.

Plans for 2016? Chiara and I are writing our second book on Baby’s First Year. And we’re thinking of taking our classes online in seminar form.

The Bump Class: An Expert Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond by Dr Chiara Hunt and Marina Fogle Vermilion £18.99