New Year's Resolutions

Five things the a&u team is resolving to do this year:

1. Do Less For your kids

Give them a chance to help in the kitchen, they might even succeed in making hoovering fun.

2. Books, Books, Books

Read before bedtime, both you and your children - it is something that fundamentally changes the rhythm of your day.

3. Food: Think about what you are eating

Veganuary is the new buzz word so here are a few suggestions if you are heading in that direction.

Allplants is a great company that delivers fresh frozen chef-made meals to your front door.

It is honestly delicious. Highly recommended - click here for website.

Delicious new little cook book focusing on 'Buddha Bowls GRAIN + GREEN + PROTEIN' 50 perfectly balanced plant-based bowls of goodness.

Published by Penguin RandomHouse £9.99 available here.

and Mildred’s in Soho is a wondrous vegan treat; be warned, it does get busy.

4. Join Greenpeace 

They are fronting a campaign to get Coca Cola to abolish all plastic in their bottles, worldwide. They need to increase their members significantly so that pressure on US to enforce change comes from as large a body as possible. 
Click here to join. 

5. And breathe... 

There are some very good books on breathing & mindfulness, covering tables at the front of every bookshop this January.
Benedict Cumberbatch narrates a new film releasing next week for the BFI festival about Buddism and mindfulness with the tagline, 'mindfulness is going mainstream'.
A highly recommended website - with The Breath Guru - Alan Dolan is hugely powerful. 

6. A Cold Bath

If all else fails the wonderful Decca Aitkenhead suggests getting into a cold bath for 15 MINUTES!! every morning, apparently it sets you up for the whole week, if not forever. It is, however, not for the faint hearted. 5 seconds proved too difficult for one willing guinea pig.

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