When I grow up I want to be a ...Teacher

a&u toy round-up! Our favourite fun toys with an educational twist.

educational toys

Get outfits and accessories for your dolls. All exquisitely made. £65 tracyandcharlotte.com

Touch-sensitive watch with voice-recored and distortion and video. £29.98 amazon.co.uk


Stepping into Science is a gift to teach science basics to younger children through practical experiments they can do at home. £28.50 crafts4kids.co.uk 

Disney Planes 2 and Hello Kitty watches from Flik Flack. £29.10 shop.swatch.com 


Gorgeous sketchpads and fab crayon tree. Trapecio sketchbook £21.99crayon tree £26 toyella.com 


Magazine or newspaper subscription. Okido (£24 for 6 issues) okido.co.uk; National Geographic Kids (£31 for 12 issues) kids.nationalgeographic.com; or First News (£28.99 for 6 months) firstnews.co.uk; Chicken Newspaper (£30 for 4 issues) design-tribe.net/chicken

rucksack for kids

Interstellar rucksack £75 madpaxworld.com

trivial pursuit

Remember how long it took to play the original Trivial Pursuit? This quick version will win over a new generation. £19.56 amazon.co.uk