Gardening Books for Kids

Wildlife in your Garden

Discover the amazing wildlife you can find in your own garden with this fascinating guide! Find out all about garden birds, animals, plants and even creepy-crawlies!

£12.99 Bloomsbury


Great Sunflower Race kit

Sow your sunflowers, keep them hydrated with the colourful watering can and track their progress with the measuring tape. How tall will your sunflowers grow? 

sunflower race kit




Born to Be Wild

This fab book contains easy-to-follow instructions for activities that require nothing more sophisticated than a small person's imagination and access to a little outdoor space. Wonderful activities to keep the kids busy this Summer.

Born to be Wild

£16.99 Bloomsbury 


My First Gardening Book

Become a budding gardener and learn how to sow and grow with 35 projects including making your own terrarium and creating a wild flower bucket. 

my first gardening book

£9.99 Cico kids