Sleep gurus, experienced baby babysitters and help for new parents

When you have a newborn, it can be difficult to entrust your precious bundle into someone else's care. But a night out, or a night off nighttime feeding, might be just the tonic you need to put a spring in your step after an exhausting pregnancy, birth and first few weeks. There is lots of help out there in many different options. These are our recommendations. 

Abbeville Nannies

Long-established, respected agency offering all kinds of help, for families in South West and South East London. 

Asquith Nannies

One of the UK's top agencies for nannies, maternity nurses etc. Also 31 Asquith nurseries in London. 

Cocoon UK

Night nannies, maternity nurses and breastfeeding counselling. Good resources in postnatal depression care.

Greycoat Lumleys

Specialists in international, short- and long-term solutions. 

Imperial Nannies

Long-established, highly efficient agency offering short/long-term nannies, overseas nannies and more.

Like Minders

Babysitting agencies with strict screening process. New app makes booking super easy.

The Maternity Nurse Company

Maternity nurses and also nannies.

Maternity Solutions

The maternity arm of Nannyworld, who also have O&P nannies.


Nanny Smart

All sorts of nannying options. 

Nannies 4 Nights

Night nannies, babysitters and maternity nurses. 

Nappy Valley Nannies

Nanny agencies now extends to whole of London, not just Nappy Valley.

Night Owl Nannies

Night nanny specialists.

Norland Nannies

Uniformed, traditional nannies. 

One World Nannies

Specialise in New Zealand nannies. 

Oui Maman

French-speaking nanny agency.

Silentnight Nannies

Night nannies and maternity nurses. 


Efficient, easy-to-book vetted babysitting service.

Night Nannies

Highly recommended agency for one-off or regular night nannies for newborns and teaching older babies to sleep.

Andrea Grace

Sleep guru, and author or Gentle Sleep Solutions, Andrea Grace, has a practice in Harley Street.

Minerva Nannies

Nanny agency, where all nannies have studied Primary Teaching or Early Years' Education for at least three years.

St Pancras Recruitment

French-speaking nanny agency; fabulous website, which feature potential candidates. 

Nannies Incorporated

Well-established maternity nurses and nanny agency.


Infant Sleep Consultant

Baby sleep guru Katie Palmer is a former nanny and maternity nurse. Phone and overnight services available.