Happy Families

New and old favourite games for all the family!

Flying Pepperoni!

Run off Christmas lunch with this fab frisbee.


Crocodile Dentistry

Take it in turns to find the problem one but beware of the croc’s snap!

History Heroes

A perfect gift for all from 8 to 80+. Read, enjoy and absorb the facts and play the game by winning the cards.

Ping Pong Heroes

Bring some varoom to your ping pong playing.


Silly sausage

Turn on the sausage and wait for his commands: twist me, shake me, stretch me ... 


Old-Fashioned Fun

This nostalgic wooden games set includes classic games: playing cards, jacks, pick-up sticks, dominoes and marbles.


Wolf Time?

Learn to tell the time and have fun at the same time. Race around the board matching times to the central clock but watch out for the Wolf!


Operation Dinosaur

Steady hands at the ready - this clever twist on the classic game Operation will provide hours of fun for kids and their parents! £22 nhmshop.co.uk


Going Retro

Get a blast from the past with this fab retro games controller, which has up to 200 games. Easy to set up and you’re ready for some 80s’ action. 


Magical Monopoly

Meet your favourite Disney characters as you travel through fairytale lands. Houses and hotels are replaced with cottages and castles.


Dinosaur Facts

Dinosaur fans will love this spin on the traditional guessing game (exclusive to the Natural History Museum).


Greedy Granny!

Take a biscuit from Granny’s tray without waking her up. One wrong move will wake her and send her teeth flying! 

Fishing Game

10 treasures to pick up with the magnetic shing rods.

London Chess

This chess set is a gem from the British Library. Big Ben is the Rook, the London Eye is the Knight, the Gerkin the Bishop, the Shard is the Queen and Canary Wharf is the King! 

Top Banana

A bit like Scrabble but without the board. My First Bananagrams is aimed at age 4+ and has colourful lower-case letters and double-sided tiles such as “oo” and “sh”.


Video Star

No self-respecting selfie-taker will be able to resist the chance to sing along to a favourite tune while taking videos.


Call my Bluff

A game for all the family with adult and child cards testing your knowledge of tricky words from a choice of three answers.


If you’ve heard of the quiz game Linkee, then families with younger children will love Dinkee. Just answer 4 questions and work out what the link is. 


Tin Can Alley

Get back to basics and have a family game of knocking down the tin cans.


Exploding Kittens

Based on Russian roulette! If you pick up an exploding kitten then you’re out. Anticipation mixed with strategy and humour. The box even “meows” when you open it! 


Lab Rats!

Pick a card and move the colourful molecules from test tube to test tube without touching them with your bare hands to solve the scientific formula.