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Child Health currently 46 has items
Child Health News
Water Safe
14 August 2014
Beware of the Danger Age: children aged 1 to 4 [More]
Child Health News
New parenting book
10 June 2014
Understanding your teenager's behaviour. [More]
Child Health News
Pain in the Neck
24 February 2014
Tips to tackle back and neck pain [More]
Child Health News
Latest Health Essentials
24 February 2014
Boost your Vitamin D, try out a zingy new body wash and get up-to-date with non-contact thermometers ... [More]
Child Health News
A Word on Birthmarks
24 February 2014
Most birthmarks are completely harmless but here's what to look out for... [More]
Child Health Feature
Skin Deep
20 February 2014
Suzie Skipper asks the experts how to cope with and treat the most common childhood skin condition o ... [More]
Child Health News
Health News
20 February 2014
We take a closer look at birthmarks, back pain and the latest medicine cabinet essentials [More]
Child Health News
Sparkling Clean This Christmas
18 December 2013
Fruity Shampoo and Bath Gel for Christmas [More]
Child Health Feature
Infestations 101
25 November 2013
Know your lice from your nits and thread worms from roundworms. Suzie Skipper quizzes the experts [More]
Child Health News
Project Wild Thing
23 October 2013
Reconnect with the outdoors, says David Bond, from the Project Wild Thing [More]
Child Health Feature
Boosting your child's immunity
10 September 2013
Mary van der Westhuizen shares her tips to help boost your child’s immunity [More]
Child Health Feature
Sleep tight
27 August 2013
Suzie Skipper investigates bed time routines and the importance of sleep [More]
Child Health News
Keep lice at bay with Hedrin Protect and Go
16 August 2013
Hedrin has come up trumps with new Protect and Go [More]
Child Health News
Wear it for Autism
12 August 2013
Fashion show 10 September [More]
Child Health News
Apivita Eco-bio Baby & Kids
30 November 2012
Gorgeous products exclusive to m&s [More]
Child Health Feature
Whooping Cough
26 October 2012
Paediatric advice from REDI training [More]
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