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The 10 Best Buggies!

The double buggy market has been revolutionised. No longer will you have aching arms as you push heavy, clunking and distinctly un-sexy buggies up curbs and over bumps. There is a whole range of double buggies that are a joy to push, are easy to get in and out of the car and also look good, as well as new products to help your tired toddler so you don’t have you ditch your favourite single buggy at all.

We have searched for the best transportation solutions for your growing family. So whether you spend your time moving your little ones from car seat to buggy and back again, or your toddler needs occasional help on long walks, or you walk everywhere and need a buggy which will take the wear and tear of life we have the answer for you.

1. MOST VERSATILE - **STAR BUY**Phil & Teds Sports Buggy. Overall Impression A brilliant pushchair if you have kids of different ages. Handling A dream to push; easy for shops and cafés. Practically Seats can be arranged for newborn and toddler, older baby and toddler or two toddlers. Comfort Snug for a newborn; one child sits underneath so not much to look at. Best for Lots of walking in city or off-road. Worst for Twins Price £329.95, (doubles kit £64.95) Weight 11kg Max load 40kg Width 62cm Marks 10/10

2 BEST UMBRELLA FOLD - Maclaren Twin Techno. First Impressions The most comfortable umbrella fold double. Handling Steers well; folds easily and quickly. Practicality New lifetime warranty covers any manufacturing defects. Comfort Well padded for newborn. Best for Fitting easily into the boot. Worst for Country lanes. Price £220 Weight 13.9kg Max load 15kg per seat Width 76cm Marks 9/10.,

 3 BEST FOR TWINS - Jane Powertwin Pro. First Impressions The car seat to pushchair Launching This Summer, The Zoom tandem launches in May and costs £419. It can fit a stroller, carry cot and car seat in any combination so the children can face each other. We are assured that is folds compactly and the chassis weighs 11kg. option is perfect for newborn twins. Handling A very smooth ride, easy to push and great brakes. Practicality Long but narrow, as they sit one in front of the other. Comfort Equally comfortable for newborns and larger toddlers. Best for Twins with older child on surfer board. Worst for Length Price £419 Weight 15.95kg Max load 15kg per seat Width 61cm Marks 10/

 4 MOST ENJOYED BY KIDS - Hauck Disney Speed Sun Duo Double Buggy. First Impressions The design and attached soft toy was a hit. Handling Fairly easy. Practicality Folds small and good value. Comfort Basic but comfortable enough. Best for Getting your children to sit in the buggy. Worst for Bumpy terrain. Price £125 Weight 11kg Max load 30kg Width 75cm Marks 7/10 Tel 01978 664362

5 NEW TO MARKET - Duo Walker Sky. First Impressions Built for comfort and durability. Handling Easy to steer; very tall. Practicality Also fits carrycots and one car seat. Comfort Very soft mattress in carrycot and spacious seats. Best for Comfortable ride. Worst for Expensive and takes up a lot of space. Price £499 Weight 13kg Max load 17kg per seat Width 75cm Marks 8/10 

6 BEST LIGHTWEIGHT -**STAR BUY** - Double Nipper Double 360. First Impressions Very light and looks great. Handling So easy to steer. Practicality Folds small. Comfort Extra detachable padded seat. Best for Your back, as it’s so light and easy. Worst for Storage Price £329.95 Weight 10kg Max load 25kg per seat Width 77cm Marks 10/10

7 MADE TO LAST  -**STAR BUY** - Mountain Buggy Urban Double. First impressions You can take this anywhere. Handling Feels really grounded; great to push. Practicality Folds fairly flat; one of the narrowest. Comfort Fits one or two single carrycots or a double carrycot. Best for Being solid and indestructible. Worst for Being expensive. Price £649 Weight 18.5kg Max load 25kg per seat Width 74cm Marks 10/10

8 BEST ATTACHABLE SEAT - Buggypod Smorph. First impressions Great if you don’t need a double buggy all the time. Handling Need to get used to the extra seat on the side. Practicality Comes with rain cover and sunshade. Comfort Doesn’t recline, but well padded. Best for Walking your older child to nursery. Worst for Use on uneven lanes. Price £89.95 Weight 2.5kg Max load 15kg Width 39cm Marks 9/10

 9 BEST FOR SHORT JOURNEYS - Maxi Buggyboard. First impressions Fun and easy for toddlers to use. Handling May need to adjust your walking position. Practicality Fits most buggies. Comfort Relief for a tired toddler. Best for Fairly short journeys Worst for Steps Price £50 Weight 2.5kg Max load 20kg Width 47cm Marks 8/10

 10 BEST NEW PRODUCT Kid Sit. First impressions Newly launched; perfect for tired legs. Handling May need to adjust your walking position. Practicality Attaches to horizontal rear axle bar. Comfort Can use board with or without seat. Best for An older toddler. Worst for A sleepy toddler as no harness. Price £79.95 Max load 18kg Weight 1.6kg Width 27cm Marks 8/10


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