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Dear Diary...

Take your time in choosing the perfect diary - it might even get you where you are meant to be on the right day....

I swear by the Redstone Diary (pictured).  A ring bound notepad size, made from incredibly tactile paper there is something un-diary-like about it which is nice. Each year has a different theme - 2010 is Russian Children’s Literature.  The illustrations are fantastic, and it is all somehow a nice distraction from remembering to take Sophie’s gym kit to school or when was that parent/teacher meeting was. Thus perhaps ignoring the basic function of a diary! 

Once a Moleskin user it seems you never want to quit. The jury is out over whether it should be a week to a page or a bulkier day to a page. But the elastic to keep all those extra bits in and the plain black cover seems to be top scorer.

Smythson have a very loyal following too. The week to a page with an empty page on the right hand side for lists is a firm favourite. Even the little ones seem to do the job as they fit into the handbag and somehow is less likely to be left behind. Tres Chic too.

I quite like knowing that it is the day the first parcel was ever delivered, or that it is Christopher Columbus day or Bank Holiday in Ireland... this is where the dear old Filofax is a stalwart option.

There are a lot that cater particularly for Mothers, Two of the best are Organised Mum
and The AppleJack Nannies Diary that is worth checking out. I am sure I would be a better person with one of these!

Or you could really move with the times, give in and get yourself an IPhone.  They simply seem to have it all.


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