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Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ

Climbing Times vary 9–5pm 

Tickets: £18


After much anticipation, Go Ape has arrived in Battersea Park. You might have tried a high-wire tree top adventure in France, but this is the first of its kind in central London. 

The highest obstacle crossings are almost double the height of most Go Ape courses in the UK, so it's not for the faint hearted! The wobbly sections are particularly challenging, but make a thrilling test of nerves. Highly recommended, and would make an excellent party. 

All children under 13 must be supervised by at least one participating adult. 

a&u review

"It was a cold grey January day and I was being strapped into a harness at a safety briefing for a tree top adventure experience. I hate heights.

The disclaimer form that you have to fill in leaves you in no doubt that this is a dangerous activity and that injuries are not uncommon but that just adds to the excitement for Jimmy (10) and Ned (11). Our briefing is thorough but fun, followed by a quick run through of how you clip on to the individual sections. 

Then we are off. There are three different courses, in increasing levels of difficulty. Unfortunately for me because the boys are under 13 I am the group leader and so anything they do, I have to do too. We get clipped on to the first course. Unlike in some of the early Go Apes an instructor clips you on at the start of the course and that line remains attached throughout. You add a second security clip for each walkway but at no time can you become unattached. So, repeat to self, you cannot fall off."

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Climbing Times vary 9–5pm 

Tickets: £18


Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ

Venue phone:

0845 519 1672

Venue website:


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