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Lost in London Wall, from the outside, the Museum of London is as unprepossessing as they come but don't be put off by appearances. The permanent galleries are divided into:

London before London 450,000BC to AD50

Roman London

Medieval London

War, Plague and Fire 1550s–1660s

'Modern’ London from the aftermath of the Great Fire to 2012. These galleries are worth a trip in themselves. Key developments in the growth of the Empire, with London at its hub, are highlighted in a fabulously immediate way. Caxton’s printing press; the persecution of the Hugenots (resulting in an influx of highly skilled refugees); the steady growth in trade and commerce both east and west. With a clever use of interactives and stunningly presented displays, recognise the origins of the bustling, vibrant, international melting pot we call home. 

Victorian London is presented as a walk through street. The amount of detail, from the tin soldiers in the toy shop window, to the ointments and medicines on sale in the chemist, is astonishing. Our junior reviewers loved the Penny Farthing, the public urinals (and the origin of spending a penny). 

The street exhibit feels frozen in time but the remaining galleries are racing forwards. Hunger-striking Suffragettes; the first London taxi; a nation hurtling down a track towards the 20th century and war. We were caught by the art deco Selfridges lift, the telephones (this made me feel ancient, as I definitely remember using one of them!), the first traffic lights and the Pearly King and Queen’s outfits. By the time we reached the last gallery, via a display of funky 60s’ and 70s’ clothing, it had stopped being a history lesson and become a celebration of swinging London.

There is a Benugo museum café and a good shop.

Heaps of free family workshops at weekends and in school holidays. 

Museum Explored Suns from 12–2pm. Explore the galleries with a museum host. Ages 5+. 

Little Moles and Mini Moles toddler and baby groups for Under 5s and their carers on Wed pms.  


Open daily 10am–6pm


150 London Wall, EC2Y 5HN

Venue phone:

020 7814 5777

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