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Natural History Museum

Cromwell Road, London, UK.

Open daily 10am–5.50pm
Last entry 5.30pm

Closed 24-26 December

Blue Whale Hintze Hall Nat History Museum

Goodbye Dippy, hello Hope

The 25.2m blue whale skeleton that takes centre stage floating above the Hintze Hall is a symbolic choice. Blue whales were on the verge of extinction in the 1960s but having been declared a protected species their numbers are on the rise. This 19th century specimen bridges the gap between the ancient and today's natural world and is both magnificent and fragile. 

The distinction between the old and the new is continued in the choice of ten star specimens from the collection displayed in the alcoves, or Wonder Bays, on either side of the great hall.

Natural History Museum Hintze Hall Wonder Bays  Wonder Bays Natural History Museum fossil trees

Those on the East side are extinct species - a mammoth, a dinosaur from the Isle of Wight, fossilised trees, a dramatic rock formation. Those on the West side are living species - a giraffe, coral, a beautiful insect display. And the whale holds them together, a story of life on earth and our responsibility towards the planet.

The new hall is complemented by a fab new temporary exhibition about whales. Click here for our verdict.


Open daily 10am–5.50pm
Last entry 5.30pm

Closed 24-26 December

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