Takes to the skies this SUMMER with new stories from Simon & Schuster

We’re giving you the chance to win a set of all of these books to share will your little ones.

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by Jim Helmore and Richard Jones

Mia and Ben are the very best of friends and they love making and flying paper planes.

But with Ben moving away, will they realise their dream of flying one all the way across the lake?


by Morag Hood and Ella Okstad

Meet Sophie Johnson: outgoing, optimistic and oblivious! Sophie has studied very hard to become a detective and it’s a good thing she did as there has been a terrible crime! But will she spot what’s really happening right under her own nose?


by Jane Porter

When Otter finds a box filled with fancy clothes and a crown, he declares himself King Otter, and wastes no time in ordering around his loyal subjects. Will it be a reign to remember or a royal disaster? A fabulous fable about the importance of friendship.


by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

It’s carnival time in the supermarket and the veggies are ready to party! But some- one is out to spoil the fun and ruin EVERYTHING. Can Supertato and the veggies stop their colourful carnival from turning into a carnival catastro-pea?!

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Which author wrote King Otter?

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