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Pearl Lowe


Pearl Lowe – singer, stylist, darling of the 90s’ Primrose Hill Set – has changed. Sitting in the corner of a kids’ fashion trade fair in Islington, she looks positively demure. There are sequins and silk everywhere from her children’s collection and she’s deep in conversation with her daughter Daisy. Daisy Lowe is the uber famous model – the new Pearl Lowe – followed by the paps wherever she goes. But today she’s helping style a pic of her mum’s stall. How things change. Last night, she spent “the evening tucked up in bed watching War and Peace”.  

Nowadays she only comes to London when she has to. For business. She and her husband, Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey, and their kids are settled in Frome in Somerset. “I couldn’t be in London any more — too much temptation. I found my journal [from the 90s] the other day — I was miserable then and I didn’t trust anyone. Quite right too. There were nice people but mostly my relationships were built on drugs. When I moved I lost 50 friends in one go. We went from my phone being buzzing with texts and phone calls to nothing. But Somerset was definitely the right decision for us.”  

“ I’d get stuff for her from flea markets and they’d look beautiful but she would just find them too itchy so I’d have to hang them on the wall instead... ”

Besides Daisy, Pearl has three other children. “I would have loved more. I tried a few times but it just didn’t work out; my body just got too old. But I’m very happy with my four.” There’s Betty, her youngest, who is 10 and has just finished modelling for the new Marc Jacobs campaign. “So I have two daughters who are models and two sons who are definitely not,” laughs Pearl huskily. Pearl’s youngest son, Frankie, is autistic. “He doesn’t understand sarcasm and he struggles at school but he is the most unbelievable artist.” And then there’s Alfie, who is at Bristol University, and gets asked to model all the time. “He reckons it’s too uncool,” says Pearl. Even though he’s happy to come home every Thursday to do his washing.

“I’m dreaming one of the kids will be a doctor or a scientist. Perhaps Betty, although the other night she said, ‘Mummy, I’m sad ANU1601129.pdf

because I’m desperate to go out to work now. I’m desperate to be a manager. But no one is going to employ me at 10. It’s just not fair.’” It’s clear where she gets her managerial talents from. Pearl did Daisy’s deals when she first started modelling at 15. “Now I’m working on letting go so I have employed a PR and an assistant.”

Pearl is busier than ever. She’s been doing interiors on some houses in Somerset and London, setting up a candle range, filming a TV show and selling her new childrenswear brand. Following on from a kids’ range at Peacocks a couple of years ago, her own line are inspired by Betty and her own individual sense of style. “I’d get stuff for her from flea markets and they’d look beautiful but she would just find them too itchy so I’d have to hang them on the wall instead. I thought to myself ‘What happens if I line them with silk so they feel lovely to wear?’ So that’s what I did. Now she wears them to every party she goes to.”

Life in the Lowe household is traditional – almost. Pearl likes to put dinner on the table at 6pm. She doesn’t have help so she relies on Danny. “He used to be away on tour for months on end so now it’s payback time. The other day I said to Betty, ‘I’m going away for a bit of filming.’ She said ‘Don’t worry. Dad’s a much better cook than you – even if he’ s not as good at doing the washing.’”

Her sense of style is what she’s known for: vintage, rock ‘n’ roll chic and WI all rolled into one. And that’s a compliment. She has on a gorgeous tea dress she picked up from a local flea market and her make-up looks natural. “I’m one of those very annoying people who can’t leave the house without being fully made up. If I don’t put it on everyone asks if I’m feeling all right. When I was younger I was a Goth – white skin, black hair, red lips – but I started to look like a drag queen so now I’ve toned it down a bit.”

Pearl swims most days at Babington House for ten minutes’ max but she has to watch what she eats. “My Dad’s family are obese
so I’ve got it in me. I don’t eat dairy or wheat but I just can’t do without sugar.” Pearl has clearly reached a happy place in her life. “All the glamour in my life before – where it looked like I was living an enviable life – it wasn’t enviable at all. My life now is more simple. But I think it’s a lot more enviable.” And she means it.


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