Muscle Burn


Emily: Our Exerceo trainer Matt sprays the insides of our exercise suits (a cross between a wet suit and a suicide bomber’s jacket) in order to conduct electrodes to our bodies. Really? A good idea? We are trying out an Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) class. Our muscles will be stimulated via electrodes which will reach deep tissue muscle layers. An hour’s workout in 25 minutes.

Matt can isolate different muscle groups and increase or decrease the intensity of the current. We start – squats, star jumps and he begins with our gluts. The buzz is odd but not painful. Stronger than a Tens machine, less strong than an electric fence. He takes us through a weights-based routine, concentrating on different muscle groups. It is intense but fun. At the end we lie on the floor with our eyes closed with the pulses buzzing gently through us like a massage. And the next day? I can hardly walk. Definitely a DEEP tissue workout. Exerceo Training intro classes from £10. exerceotraining.co.uk