Interview: Beverly Turner

Beverley Turner launched The Blooming Bunch with Maggie Bolger (of Maggie Rose). They offer a refreshing approach to preparing women and their partners for giving birth and beyond.

What do you think about birthing plans? They get a lot of stick but they can be vital. I've written a Blooming Bunch 'Birth Preference' sheet. It's subtly different.

Most innovative baby product this year? You really don't need much expensive stuff. So I'll go for the An amazingly innovative way to compare place of birth.

What do you think is the most significant development in birthing practices in the last five years? Choice for women; be that a homebirth or an elective section.

Best bit of advice for new parents making the transition to parenthood? Knowledge is power. Accept all offers of help and take your own naps. Keep a sense of humour. And remember that it does get easier!

How do you manage work/home balance? Hal What's that?! I lurch from hour to hour; feel that I'm failing at everything and never have a conversation with my husband!

What's your hobby? Until recently I went to a singing group in Barnes: it was the best therapy. But I've had to put it on hold while I get my business off the ground and my son through Year Six.

Which is your favourite month of the year? September. I've always loved that back-to-school feeling.

Who is the best parenting role model? I don't think it's healthy to look up to anyone in the public eye. Everybody is muddling along.

If you were to buy one baby book, which would you buy? Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by the late Tracy Hogg.

Where would you go for the best antenatal massage? I'd forget the massage and head to Alan Watson at Bimal Clinic for an assessment of your pelvic alignment. He has magic hands to put you right!

Best tip to get pregnant? Get to know your cycle using ovulation sticks and then go at it like teenagers. Stay off the booze and fags (both of you!)

Routine or attachment parenting? Somewhere in the middle.

What do you think about baby-led weaning? As long as babies are getting plenty of nutrients, it doesn't really matter how it gets down their chops.

What are you most proud of? Every time my kids say thank you without being prompted.

Favourite family activity? Swimming. My kids are aged 10, 5 and 3 so there are very few things that they all want to do together. The Park Club on a sunny morning is unbeatable.

Favourite children's book? The Story of the Mole Who Knew It Was None of His Business by Werner Holzwarth and Wolf Erlbruch (£5.99 Pavilion Children's Books). It involves poo, which is always a winner.

Most important message to impart to your children? Be nice. And try to see the humour in things.

Beauty secret? Sleep and water. Failing that. Glam Glow mud mask from LA.

Best style tip? Get a weekly blow-dry. For less than £20 you'll look better for days! I love Jo Blue in Grove Park.

Who would you like to sit next to on a plane? Short haul: Bradley Cooper. Long haul: Peter Kay.

What drives you mad? My children not doing as they are asked first time. And dog poo in Chiswick House Gardens.

Best advice? Absolutely nothing in life feels as bad after a cup of tea, a biscuit and a chat with a good friend.

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