Interview: Cecile Roederer

Annie met Cécile Roederer, founder of Smallable, the online concept store for all things desirable for home and fashion. Living in the trendy Haut Marais in Paris with her son and husband, with whom she runs Smallable, she is a wonderful mixture of traditional French chic and international cutting-edge.


What inspired you to start Smallable? I’m the youngest of five girls and have many nephews and nieces. My sisters always struggled to fnd easily the interesting brands they so wanted and didn’t have time to put the legwork in to locate. It’s styled in the same way the Colette concept store was which has been around for years; there was nothing in the same vein for kids.

What sets Smallable apart? We’re particularly strong in boys’ clothes, stocking brands like Finger in the Nose, Bellerose and Mini Rodini.

What is your autumn hero piece? A Veja sneaker (collaboration with our own brand One Hundred Pieces). It has black and white polka dots and the V is in copper.



How do you juggle work and home? My husband and I share family tasks, it’s all thanks to him. He’s the creative director of Smallable; I’m now more on the buying side.

Favourite way to start the morning? I love going to my son’s room while he’s still asleep, watching and kissing him. Then I have some lemon juice and coffee and check my email. On the weekends it’s different; we stay in our sleep clothes until lunchtime. Perfect weekend? In Paris walking (my son scootering) to art galleries and the fea markets. We often go to Corsica for the weekend (although never in the summer months) and stay at Hotel U Capu Biancu. They have donkeys.


Favourite European city? Paris, hands down. I love travelling but always come back and think Paris is so beautiful. I love London too – so cool.

Where do you holiday? We go with two or three families in the summer to Formentera. It’s great with young kids because it’s so tiny; anyone can nip back to the villa for a siesta. Favourite retreat? Jericoacoara in Northern Brazil. It’s about a fve-hour drive from the airport. There are oases and sand dunes all in a national park – utterly beautiful.

Favourite London restaurant? I often find myself in Notting Hill and love Daylesford and Bill Granger’s.

Favourite store? Merci (launched in 2009, a year after Smallable), near where I live. It’s a concept, destination store.



Which are the favourite designers you like to wear? G. Kero, Forte Forte, Maison Olga, Roseanna.

Who are the best babies’ and kids’ designers? Louis Louise is our current favourite – it’s the Isabel Marant for kids!



Favourite decor brand? My favourite is Zoé Rumeau and Petite Friture.


What do you think about digital detoxing? I try to on weekends.

Favourite magazine? Beautiful new magazines like Cereal and Kinfolk.


Favourite perfume? It’s not a perfume but I am addicted to La Prairie Cellular water for the body.

Next five years? We have our own brand ‘One Hundred Pieces’, which is growing. Next is to create our own decor brand.

Best advice? My grandfather taught me to listen and be aware. To be curious, I suppose.