Make-up tutorial

Annie: When make-up artist Natalie Cahill couldn’t find brushes that kept their hair or shape, she set about making her own. The result is beautiful brushes, made by expert craftsmen in Japan using light copper to hold the hairs in place. We asked Natalie to give us a make-over in time for the festive season. Neither Emily or I wear much make-up so we wanted a look that wouldn’t make us feel dolled up but would give us some much-needed oomph. We weren’t expecting so many brilliant tips and ideas.

To create the ultimate smoky eye party look:
Use concealer (Nars) instead of a heavy foundation to smooth out any blemishes. Then choose three tonal brown pencils (she recommends stila, Niko and mac brands) and one after the next apply an oval shape as high as your eyelid crease and a centimetre away from the outer- edge point of your eye. Blend it all in using a brush. Then apply your choice of eye shadow. We used laura mercier Black karat.

Alternate the smoky-eye look with a red lipstick finish but never to mix the two. If you go for the lipstick option, then just a splash of bronzer and mascara will suffice. she raves about Armani’s No 400 bright red lipstick – and always use a brush! Email to set up a group make- up tutorial.

Base highlighter brush £24; Christmas gift set £65