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An assembly with Ade Adepitan

This is the second book in the Cyborg Cat series from Ade Adepitan and is loosely based on his own life story about a young boy who has to move from Lagos to East London after contracting polio as a young child and how he has to make new friends, and learn to fit in. 

The overriding message is that everyone can be a superhero and it's cool to be different. 

There were no limits to what Ade could do, nothing was impossible. Thanks so being sent to a great school in East London he was part of the mainstream and nothing was out of reach. He saw some basketball players at Stoke Mandeville and became set on mastering the sport. He went on to win an medal at the Paralympic Games. It didn't stop there, he has travelled the world and seen mountain gorillas, climbed volcanoes and travelled on boats, planes and through rainforests. Africa with Ade is a really good watch bringing the continent of Africa to your front room.

Ade came to talk to children at St Stephen's Primary School and was interviewed by 9-year old Ronnie:

- What was your favourite book as a child?

I loved reading, I read all the Roald Dahl books, my favourite has to be Danny the Champion of the World. Also Philip Pulman's His Dark Materials blew my mind.

- What would your superpower be if you were Cyborg Cat?

I would like to have super-intelligence. I would like to be the smartest person in the whole world!

- Did you have a craze at your school?

We were mad about break-dancing at school, everyone was doing these crazy dance moves all the time. And there was the Rubik's cube, and yo-yos.

- What was your first day at school like?

Well it was pretty daunting, particularly because my Mum dressed me a in a pink suit! I never felt more different from everyone else. But pretty soon I found my groove and got some friends and I never looked back. But I didn't wear the pink suit again!

- What is your favourite animal?

Well, this changes all the time, as I loved the mountain gorillas I saw, but I have to say that the Dugong fish wins overall. It looks like a dolphin and is the creature that inspired ancient mariners to imagine the mermaids. I got to swim with a Dugong and it is something I will never ever forget.

- What country do you want to go to where you haven't been?

I would love to go to somewhere in the Pacific Islands, Tonga or Easter Island.

- Did you always want to be an author?

I have always loved English at school and so I guess I figured that maybe I could try it one day. But my piece of advice is to write stuff down. Every day. Even just what you had for breakfast, write down 4 or 5 lines every day and by the end of the month you will have come up with something. It's always things from your own experience that you can use when writing a story. Try it, and let me know how you get on.

Cyborg Cat and the Night Spider is published by Picadilly Press £ 5.99