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Our Spring 2020 edition is out! Click on the button below to read it online.


Autumn Picture Books

The Misadventures of Frederick – Ben Manley and Emma Chichester Clark

Two Hoots (Pan Macmillan) £12.99

This is an utterly adorable story that everyone should read. Find a child somewhere and sit down and read it with them. It’s a brilliant story beautifully illustrated about the importance of adventures, about not being too careful and just having fun. One to keep and love and read over and over again.


This is Gus – Chris Chatterton

Macmillan £11.99

We all love a truly grumpy dog. This is a book to make you smile about bad moods, friendships and learning how to compromise. We all have a bit of a grumpy old dog about us at times.


Kites by Simon Mole illustrated by Oamul Lu

Frances Lincoln Books £11.99


We love this book with a perfect connection between illustrations and text. It's a lovely and familiar story about moving to a new home from performance poet and theatre maker Simon Mole.  Everyone has a kite except David, but with a bit of help and a bit of friendship he can make his own kite fly.



Fair Shares – Pippa Goodhart and Anna Doherty

Tiny Owl Books £6.99

It’s not fair is a very familiar refrain that echoes round and round nursery schools and play groups the world over. This book tries to make sense of how being fair isn’t always about everyone getting the same thing. Hare and Bear want some juicy pears but how to they get them down fairly?

With a bit of compromise there always can be a way. 


Small in the City – Sydney Smith

Walker Books £12.99 HB


Multiple award-winning illustrator and author Sydney Smith has produced a truly beautiful book. With powerful illustrations at the centre and sparse text the story is both touching and intriguing. About being small in the city and the safety of home.


The Last Tiger – Petr Horacek

Otter Barry Books £11.99

With strong and bold illustrations this is a wonderful story. There is a jungle, with lots of animals in it. Hunters come to catch the animals, but they want the tiger most of all, the strongest most powerful animal in the forest.

The Tiger isn’t scared, but the hunters catch him and take him to the city to put in a cage for people to see.

The Tiger becomes very sad, and gets so sad and so small that he manages to escape from his cage and returns to the jungle to get big and powerful again. But what he has learnt above all is that the most important thing that he has is his freedom.  


The Terribly Friendly Fox – Susannah Lloyd and Ellie Snowdon

Simon & Schuster £6.99 PB, £12.99 HB

Gerald the fox turns up at the Annual Woodland Creatures’ Ball and a few of the guests are a little concerned. But – Gerald is a vegetarian fox, and the life and soul of the party! In fact, he’s terribly friendly. Should they be cautious? Perhaps! A funny cautionary tale that children will love.


I’m Actually Really Grown-Up Now – by Maisie Paradise Shearring

Two Hoots £11.99 HB

This is a lovely story about Meena who really wants to stay up when the grown-ups are having a party but instead she is sent to bed. This is definitely NOT fair. So she plans to have a party all of her own, but soon realises that being grown-up is sometimes not quite as fun as it looks.


The Girl and the Dinosaur by Hollie Hughes and Sarah Massini

Bloomsbury £10.99 HB

Gorgeous book with delightful rhyming text, about a sleeping dinosaur ready to wake up and take a wishing little girl on a magical adventure. Exceptionally lovely: ‘The wishing stars burnt bright that night, the air was thick with dreams,’ – what magic the night can bring if you wish hard enough.


Lunch at Pomegranate Street – Felicita Sala

Scribe UK - £12.99

In each apartment, someone is preparing a special dish to share with their neighbours. Coconut Dahl, smashed avocados, and strawberry crumble. A lovely crossover recipe book and story. Will inspire us all to read, cook and imagine. Perfect!


Angel on the Roof - Shirley Hughes

Walker Books £12.99

From time to time you come across a book that you know will last for generations and this is such a book. Shirley Hughes' London is both deeply nostalgic and also entirely current. Glimpses of washing lines and people through windows paints our busy, bustling city to perfection.

However in this busy bustling world people often forget each other and the vital importance of kindness. It's only when lonely Lewis Brown finds an angel on his roof that he can start to see that things could be better. With echoes of Raymond Briggs The Snowman and Judith Kerr's The Crocodile Under The Bed, this is a lovely story told in Shirley Hughes inimitable way.