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Best Children's Picture Books of 2019


1. The Misadventures of Frederick – Ben Manley and Emma Chichester Clark - Pan Macmillan £12.99

This is an utterly adorable book that everyone should read. Find a child somewhere and sit down and read it with them. It’s a brilliant story beautifully illustrated about the importance of adventures, about not being too careful and just having fun. One to keep and love and read over and over again.


2. Angel on the Roof – Shirley Hughes - Walker Books £12.99

A magical tale of great friendship. This is honestly one of the most lovely books we’ve read in a long time. Shirley Hughes trademark London is depicted perfectly – and the message is exactly the message that we all want to share at Christmas. One to bring out year after year. A message of joy and that small acts of kindness can travel a long way. Perfection.


3. Madame Badobedah by Sophie Dahl, illustrated by Lauren O'Hara - Walker Books £12.99

This delightful story is about a little girl called Mabel and her unlikely friendship with the mysteriously exotic Madame Badobedah. Is this 'scary and delicious' character quite the villain she first thought. Beautifully illustrated throughout by the extraordinary talented Lauren O'Hara.


4. The Last Tiger – Petr Horacek - Otter Barry Books £11.99

With strong and bold illustrations this is a wonderful story a strong and proud tiger - lord of the jungle. But when he's captured by human hunters he realises that what really matters is not strength or power but freedom. 


5. Small in the City – Sydney Smith - Walker Books £12.99 

Multiple award-winning illustrator and author Sydney Smith has produced a truly beautiful book. With powerful illustrations at the centre and sparse text the story is both touching and intriguing. About being small in the city and the safety of home.


6. Hello Friend by Rebecca Cobb - Macmillan £11.99

Very few illustrators capture the joy of childhood quite like Rebecca Cobb. This is an utterly adorable story about making friends and how people can do it in lots of different ways.


7. Red, Red, Red by Polly Dunbar - Walker Books £12.99

This is a perfect book at capturing exactly how those dreaded toddler tantrums happen and how we can all try to calm the waters. One, Two, Three, Breathe. A favourite.


8. Super Duper You by Sophy Henn - Penguin £11.99

Sophy Henn hits the mark once again with her perfectly pitched illustrations and words about what makes you you. It's a book asking us to reach up and shout out about the marvellousness of each and every one of us.


9. The Wall in the Middle of the Book - Scallywag Press £12.99

A book about the hot topic of walls and whether they keep things out or in. Makes you look at walls and things on the other side of them in a very different way. Gorgeous simple illustrations. A joy to have on your bookshelves.


10. The Kiss by Linda Sunderland - Little Tiger £11.99

Lovely, gentle fairytale story about the transformative power of love. Catch a kiss, pass it on and see what happens when you do. The beautiful illustrations make is hugely appealing to be read aloud. A treat.