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Our Spring 2020 edition is out! Click on the button below to read it online.


Books to celebrate all things Lunar

To celebrate the fifty year anniversary of the Moon landings there are lots of fabulous books celebrating all things Lunar. We have got together some of the best out there, plus some old favourites.

Balloon to the Moon by Gill Arbuthnot and Christopher Nielsen

Big Picture Press £16.99

Beautiful book with gorgeous vintage-feel 1960s illustrations tells the science fact rather than the science fiction of the first man on the moon. The author's fascination with the subject makes compelling reading.


Spaced Out Space Poems - chosen by Brian Moss & James Carter 

Bloomsbury £7.54

This is a starry collection of poetry exploring the galaxies in rhyme, kennings and haikus. Some really lovely poems by some wonderful poets.


Look Up! by Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeloa

Penguin £6.99

A sweet story about a science-mad chatterbox who is going to be the greatest astronaut ever but first she needs to get her big brother to stop looking at his phone. Turn off those screens and Look Up!


How To Be On The Moon by Viviane Schwarz 

Walker £11.99

The fearless duo Anna and Crocodile are determined to get to the Moon, but it's an awfully long way off and much to prepare before they can get started. Wonderful celebration of imaginative play and the vital magic of curiosity.


The Big Beyond by James Carter

Little Tiger £11.99

This lovely hardback book tells the story of space travel from the very beginning in rhyme. The perfect book to spark the curiosity of little would-be space travellers.


Astro Girl by Ken Wilson-Max

Otter-Barry £11.99

Astrid wants to be an astronaut and her Dad can help her get ready while they wait for Mum to come back from a particularly interesting day's work.  Lovely big bold illustrations. 


Planetarium by Chris Wormell and Raman Prinja

Big Picture Press £10.99

This Planetarium series from the Science Museum takes you on a journey through the Solar System and beyond. Specially written for 7+ this is a very engaging look into the wonders of the universe.

Accompanied by the Planetarium Activity Book with colouring, drawing, puzzles and facts it is a double whammy to engage curious minds. £8.99 Big Picture Press


When the Stars Come Out by Nicola Edwards and illustrated by Lucy Cartwright

Little Tiger £17.99

This is a wonderful book exploring the magic and mysteries of the night-time. No-one will ever be afraid of the dark again once reading this book. From moon bows to shooting stars, from the city to the ocean, everything comes alive when the sun sets. Fascinating.


Moon illustrated by Britta Teckentrup 

Little Tiger £11.99

Published last year this beautiful peek-through book is a perfect look at the moon as it goes through its lunar cycle. Just perfect.


Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd

Two Hoots £6.99

We had to include this age old favourite. The perfect way to settle little children off to sleep, saying goodnight to all the things in the room and last of all to that magical moon in the night sky. A time-less classic.