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Older Readers 9-12

Galloglass from Scarlett Thomas (Canongate £12.99) is a chunky hardback which actually GLOWS in the dark. The third in her Worldquake series this is a beautifully imagined alternative universe following the challenges facing Effie Truelove and her friends.

A Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison (Simon & Schuster £6.99) tells the story of 3 sisters, 3 enchanted objects and a curse. Sometimes scary and utterly compelling will-o’-the wisp wonderfulness.

The future is now and it’s very weird in The Last Zoo by Sam Gayton (Andersen Press £6.99) an entirely fantastical story of unicorns, hummingdragons and genies with a big environmental message under its gripping and sometimes really funny story.

More weird and wonderful creatures in The Tunnels Below by Nadine Wild-Palmer (Pushkin Press £7.99).This publishes at the end of April but is well worth keeping an eye out for. Set in an underground world where a magical community exists it is inspired by the Kennington loop on the Northern line and it will change your thinking of the London Underground forever.

There are lots of inspiring new heroes and heroines to meet too. We loved Ylva, the awesome new character in She Wolf by Dan Smith(Chicken House £6.99) set in Northumbria in AD866 filled with vengeful Vikings and circling wolves.

Call Me Alastair by Cory Leonardo (Scholastic £6.99) is a brilliantly written story about a fierce parrot, a hypochondriac boy and a lonely old lady, all learning to live their lives to the full.

Lenny’s Book of Everything by Karen Foxlee (Pushkin Children’s Books £7.99) tells of the courage that is needed to love someone who is different and to stand up for who and what you love, it’s certainly not always the easy road to take.

More bravery in the utterly delightful Midnight at Moonstone by Lara Flecker & Trisha Krauss (OUP £6.99). I couldn’t put this enchanting book down, beautiful illustrations bring the Moonstone Costume Museum to life and tells of what happens on the stroke of midnight thanks to the extraordinary courage of a girl called Kit. It’s a wonderful book.