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Spring Books

Our favourite 10 spring picture books.

The Mega Magic Hair Swap– Rochelle Humes illustrated by Rachel Suzanne.

(Studio press, £6.99)

Curly whirly hair that never stays put or straight hair that slips and slides and never stays in a pony-tail? Rose wants Mai’s hair and Mai wants Rose’s hair. After an encounter with a magic coconut they get their wish, but realise that things aren’t always how you think they’d be.

The Lost Book– Margarita Surnaite (Andersen Press £11.99)

All rabbits in Rabbit Town love books, all except Henry who would much rather be having an adventure in real life, until he finds the Lost Book which takes him on an entirely new sort of adventure.

Mummy’s Suitcase– Pip Jones, Laura Hughes (Faber £6.99)

Mummy’s going away for three whole days so her super helpful little ones decide she’s going to need lots of things to make sure she doesn’t get lonely. Absolutely heart-warming book, ideal for a Mother’s Day present.

The Big Angry Roar– Jonny Lambert

Beautifully expressive illustrations and lovely simple text makes this a delight. It perfectly encapsulates the conflict young children feel when trying to understand their emotions and how sometimes the only thing to do is to ROAR and STOMP to make it go away.

Romeosaurus and Juliet Rex by Mo O’Hara, illustrated by Andrew Joyner (published by Harper Collins, £12.99).

This is a properly funny book telling the tale of Romeo & Juliet in dinosaur version. Romeosaurus is a herbivore and Juliet Rex, well, she’s a carnivore. Can they ever be friends? A clever spin on the most famous of all love stories this will make you all laugh out loud.

Think Big!– Kes Gray & Nathan Reed Hodder £12.99

Humpty Dumpty wants to be a boiled egg when he grows up but his nursery rhyme friends are determined to make him think much bigger than that. What about a hairdresser or detective, or traffic warden? Humpty decides to reach for the stars resulting in a very funny ending.

The Wall in the Middle of the Book – Jon Agee – Scallywag Press £12.99

A book about the hot topic of walls, and whether they keep out or keep in. Makes you look at walls and things on the other side of them in a very different way. Gorgeous simple illustrations. A joy to have on your bookshelves.

The Kiss – Linda Sunderland & Jessica Courtney-Tickle – Little Tiger £11.99

Lovely and gentle fairytale story about the transformative power of love. Catch a kiss, pass it on and see what happens when you do. The beautiful illustrations make is hugely appealing to be read aloud. A treat.

Maya & Cat – Caroline Magerl – Walker £11.99

We love this story. The fabulous illustrations and beautifully crafted text makes you want to read and re-read it right over again. About kindness, determination and adventure with an utterly adorable ending. Get it, give it to friends and keep a copy for yourselves.

The Sea Saw– Tom Percival – Simon & Schuster £6.99

Beautifully illustrated picture book about losing something you love, and eventually finding it again. The illustrations are particularly extraordinary as have been collated from over 50 paintings from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Fascinating.