Creative Learning

Eighty percent of my childhood memories come from just two months of the year - the long summer days. It's a time slow down, abandon routine, rejuvenate and revel in the freedom of longer days and warmer weather. In a technologically-savvy age where everything is available at the touch of a button, not only are children spending hours in front of a screen, but they are also losing the ability to learn through exploration and play. And because time seems to be increasingly in short supply we tend to over-organise. The result is they no longer learn from their mistakes. Prompted by Jonathan Brough's 'Project Edinburgh Festival', we have asked Heads and teachers for some suggestions of creative activities to nurture independent thought. As the saying goes, what we learn with pleasure we never forget. 

By Anya Waddington

Plan a tea for the Queen

Magoo Giles, headmaster of Knightsbridge Prep recommends organising a tea party for HRH

The Match Box Challenge

The teachers at St Mary’s School, Cambridge recommend simple fun like fitting as many interesting things as you can into a match box. 


A Walk along the South Bank

Simon Severino, Headmaster of Alleyn's recommends a walk along the historic South Bank

Build a Newspaper Bridge

The teachers at Marymount International School challenge you to build a bridge out of paper, newspaper and straws

Have a snail race or build a den

Titus Mills, Headmaster of Walhampton School shares his activity list to tick off this summer 

Explore your own Hundred Acre Wood

Tim Butcher, Headmaster of Perrott Hill recommends getting outside and exploring the natural landscape around

Project Edinburgh Fringe

Hurlingham Head, Jonathan Brough, says a trip up north this summer is the best educational project.