There are excellent independent and state schools in abundance. Many parents in Bucks sit on the fence when it comes to state vs. independent options at 11+.

Prep Schools


Beaconsfeld, Buckinghamshire 01494 685400

Ages 4–13, boys’ day prep. Excellent academic reputation and within walking distance for Beaconsfeld families. Some go to grammar through Bucks 11+, whilst others stay to 13 for entry to top independent schools.

The Beacon

Bois Ave, Amersham 01494 433654

Ages 3–13, boys’ day prep. Strong academics and great facilities for team sports, art
and design/technology. Feels more like a boarding prep with a strong focus on all- round education, alongside academics.

High March

Ledborough Lane, Beaconsfeld 01494 675186

Ages 3–11, day prep for girls. nurturing, small school with excellent pastoral care. Most leavers are focussed on Bucks 11+ as it is an excellent feeder into Beaconsfeld High (grammar).


High Wycombe 01494 529273

Ages 3–13, day and boarding prep for girls. very traditional ‘girly’ feel. Boarding dorms full of Cath Kidston fabrics. Known for red capes, which sadly are now only worn on high days and holidays. Expectations for academic attainment and sporting success are high. many go on to Wycombe Abbey.

Heatherton House

10 Copperkins Lane, Amersham 01494 726433

Ages 3–11. girls’ day. A highly regarded prep feeding into both grammar and independent seniors. Recently became a member of the Berkhamsted Schools group and remains a strong option for those seeking a nurturing yet challenging environment.


1 High St, Great Missenden 01494 862407

Ages 2–11, co-ed and day. A good option for those committed to co-ed, in an area where the lion’s share of schools are single sex. Feeds mainly into grammar, with a few going on to independent at 11. Friendly school with a strong sense of community.


Chalfont Saint Peter 01753 882690

Ages 3–11, co-ed and day. Strong on academics making it a main grammar feeder. Plenty of outdoor space and an impressive list of after school clubs. often operates a waiting list with priority to siblings, so visit and register early.

Grammars 11-18

Entry via the 11+ transfer test taken in the Sept of Year 6. Details on application process and deadlines can be found via Bucks CC using the link below moving-school/grammar-schools-transfer-test/

Dr Challoner’s High and Dr Challoner’s Grammar are single sex grammar options in Amersham, as well as Beaconsfeld High for Girls and John Hampden or The Royal Grammar School (RGS), both in High Wycombe, for boys. RGS is a state boarding school, so offers an excellent option for those who live too far away to travel daily. State boarding fees are one third of those of independent boarding schools, so present the opportunities boarding brings, without the £30,000 a year cost!

Independent Schools 11-18

Merchant Taylor’s

Andy Lodge Rd, Moor Park 01923 820644

Ages 11–18 day for boys. Sporty, academic school with a tradional ‘down to earth’ feel. 

Thorpe House

29 Oval Way, Gerrards Cross 01753 882474

Ages 3–16, boys’ day. nurturing, small school feel. Boys move on to grammar or other independents at sixth form.

St Mary’s Gerrard’s Cross

Packhorse Rd, Gerrards Cross 01753 883370

Ages 3–18, all girls day school. Impressive range of co-curricular options.

Piper’s Corner

Pipers Ln, High Wycombe 01494 718255

Ages 4–18, girls’ day and boarding. Caring school with an excellent Head.

LVS Ascot

Winkfeld Row 01344 882770

Ages 4–18, co-ed day and boarding school. Located in Ascot but increasingly popular with Bucks parents.

Berkhamsted Collegiate

Castle Campus, Castle Street 01442 358000

Ages 3–18, boys and girls day and boarding. Diamond model school with co-ed prep to 11, girls and boys taught separately from 11 to 16 and then co-ed sixth form. Excellent facilities across several campuses.

Tring Park School for the Performing Arts

Mansion Drive, Tring 01442 824255

Ages 11–18, Co-ed. A creative education with good examination results.