Moving Out: Cambridge


Cambridge has been rated as one of the best places to live in the UK and with good reason, explains local resident Rebecca Lawes, as it offers excellent schools, historic buildings, vibrant culture, plenty of green spaces and good transport links. Illustrations by Emily Faccini.

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Where To Live

Where to live in historic Cambridge and it's pretty surrounding villages. 

House Prices

A period family house with a garden in central Cambridge starts at £3m and a 4-bed terraced house at £750,000. In the necklace villages expect to pay from £650,000.

Schools: Junior

There are many good primary schools in Cambridge, as you might expect with such a strongly academic population. 

Schools: Senior

Home to excellent senior schools and the Hills Road Sixth Form College, consistently rated as one of the top sixth form colleges in the UK.

Things To Do

Discover a multitude of cultural activities, music, lectures, a thriving cinema scene and plenty of green space and beautiful countryside too.