Telling the Time: Games

Games are a fantastic way to help kids learn without feeling the pressure of ‘not getting’ the concept.

Tell the Time Magnet Set

A simple, bold magnetic board helps children to understand analogue and digital time. £12

Usborne Lift-the-Flap

Learn what the time means with this lift-the-flap book that shows what we do at certain times of the day. £9.99

Squeebles Tell the Time

This great interactive game is a fab way for kids to learn the time, plus you don’t feel guilty fobbing your kids off with an iPhone if it’s for educational purposes!! £2.99 AppStore

Orchard Toys

What’s The Time Mr Wolf and Tell the Time from Orchard Toys are wonderful and can be tailored to any ability. £9.50 and £7.50,

Telling the Time Placemats

Making time second nature to kids is the best way to help your children and these placemats are a brilliant idea. £4.95