Wearing a watch, whether or not the clock face actually means anything, is a great way to start. Begin with ‘It’s 5 o’clock, it’s Teatime’ and get them to look at their watch and see what that time looks like. There are so many options of watches for kids and it really is a case of what works best for your child visually but these were some that worked for my little testers.

Gator Watch

This is a 21st Century piece of kit: a Bond-worthy phone that doubles as a telephone! £99

Reflex Time Teacher Watch

This is a very simple ‘no frills’ watch and we found it very easy to understand, £5.95

Time Teacher Quick Learn Watch

Our top watch. It might look like a mass of numbers but it really does spell it all out, making it simple and understandable, £9.95

Twistiti Watch

A brand new watch design that is robust, simple, bold and bright. Great for younger kids, $49.90 (they ship to UK)

Swatch Flik Flak Watch

Flik Flak are a personal favourite of mine, but strangely this didn’t take the top spot with my kids. Bright and easy to get your head round, especially with the support of the great App.