Blitz those Nits

Back to school and head lice go hand-in-hand, so arm yourself with these new products. It seems that head lice are becoming increasingly resistant to traditional insecticides so we think these new natural treatments are good news indeed.

My itchy Kid

The key ingredient is Neem oil, a parasite repellent, which head lice dislike apparently. It is, however, completely safe for children. It smells really nice and is easy to wash out (our little tester was pleasantly surprised!) Use daily for 1–2 weeks if your child has head lice or just use as your main shampoo to keep them at bay. Add a daily spritz of the spray as a preventative measure. 
























Shampoo £13; Daily protector spray £13

Kit & Coco

With coconut oil as its core ingredient, this head lice treatment asphyxiates head lice without the need for silicone which is used in most other products. The complete treatment pack is nicely presented and is well thought out with four shampoo doses for the whole family, an applicator brush and comb plus a cute shower cap to pop on during the treatment. Our tester was very pleased that it was easy to wash out (unlike other treatments that leave hair really greasy) and her hair was left ‘really soft, like it’s been conditioned.’ If you’ve got long hair you will need two doses.

Complete treatment pack £15.95

Puressential anti-lice duo

Powerful yet gentle on the scalp, hair and the environment, the pureesential anti-lice products are 100% natural. The range is suitable for 3+ and contains no dyes, preservatives or synthetic perfumes. The range is available from Boots, from £9.99.

pure essential