Winter Health News

Redoxon Triple Action

Boost little (and big!) immune systems this winter with a top up of vitamins C and D plus zinc.

Doisy & Dam

Chocolate and Christmas go hand-in-hand but wait until you try these delicious bars which are packed with natural goodness.

Childs Farm Little Essentials Kit

Make bath time fun even for children with sensitive or eczema-prone skin. Childs Farm products are suitable for newborns and upwards.


Equazen is a specific Omega 3 and 6 supplement, the main source of which is found in oily fish, something that kids in the UK don’t eat enough of.

Spoon Guru

Spoon Guru is such a clever app for anyone needing to monitor their food whether it’s for an allergy, intolerances or any dietary requirements.

Headspace for kids

New mindfulness app from Headspace, designed for kids. 

Eczema Alert

Top tips on Eczema from expert Dr George Moncrieff