News from the Slopes 2017/18

Resort News

We like the sound of the new fun track in La Rosière dedicated to children and families. It’s more than 1km long with modules, gongs and tunnels, and themed with the famous La Rosière Saint Bernard mascot.

Klosters skiers will be pleased to hear that a new (covered and heated) chairlift will replace the 70s’ Furka T-bar a key Klosters/Davos link. Taking 2,500 skiers per hour it will half journey time up the mountain.

Courchevel Calling 

Top end operator Scott Dunn joins the luxury self-catering crew (see previous page) with the launch this season of the stunning Six Senses Residences in Courchevel 1850. Sixteen 2–5 bed fully serviced apartments and a brand new on-site Scott Dunn Explorers’ Club (for ages 3+) plus their first ever Stargazers’ Club to enable mums and dads to head out and enjoy some grown up acres ski. Sounds good? If you want to nd
out more, Scott Dunn are hosting an exclusive Travel Clinic in Putney at 10am on 10th November. Experts on hand, plus champagne and cupcakes and £500 credit towards your first holiday. 
Call 020 3553 9267 for details.

A week at the Six Senses Courchevel costs from £8,950 for a family of four, incl BA ights and t/fers.

Travelling with Tinies?

Alpine Angels Childcare is the brainchild of Sarah Mortimer, a registered nurse with lots of childcare experience who has also spent seasons in the Alps. She has launched the private nanny service this season in St Anton, Kitzbuhel and Mayrhofen. It offers exible private childcare options from 6 months+ from an affordable 18 per hour.

Top Tips

We know about applying a pack of frozen peas on a bump but did you know you should then dab the bruise with warm water and vinegar to increase blood ow near the skin’s surface and dissipate the blood? Dark chocolate contains theobromine, more effective than codeine when it comes to coping with a persistent cough. It’ll also keep you awake on the slopes – unlike codeine. Reach for the Ritter Sport! Skier’s feet? To eliminate odoriferous bacteria mix 1 part vinegar with two parts water and soak feet. Thanks to Ski Beat 01273 855100


We just LOVE this stunning tableware range from new company Powderhound. From £14.50 020 7603 9953

The Kit 


Alpine beanie £23

Molo skisuit (available for babies and kids) £160

Ski Socks £14 each

Moon Boot® £65 Sizes 6-2