Travel Trends 2017/2018

Contributing Travel Editor, Daisy dropped in to hear Scott Dunn's views on the luxury travel market:

Firstly, the demand for luxury family holidays is on the rise. People are prioritising holidays in their annual family spending budget so whilst holidays are costing more and more, the demand is rising to keep up and people are increasing their holiday spend.

In terms of popularity, Greece is the number one destination for Scott Dunn. Growth areas include Portugal which is currently offering great value for money, Croatia, which is already nearly fully-booked for next summer and Latin America. Emerging markets include Japan, the first choice in Asia; Canada, which is very cool right now; Cambodia and the Seychelles where there are lots of new openings. The decline area has been the USA. 

In the skiing sphere, the market is polarising from the race to the bottom at the lower end of the market and the need for differentiation against the competition at the top end of the market. Travel companies are having to be more innovative and offer more flexibility for their customers. For Scott Dunn this means enticing new people to skiing, particularly families, and they are doing this with new products like their Ski Explorers Club in Val d'Isere for ages 3-4 who fall into the gap of being too young for ski school. Also new for this season are their apartments within the Six Senses Courchevel that offer self-catering with hotel facilities. Parents can eat out in the evenings and make use of the new Stargazers evening childcare service from 7.30–10.30pm.

In terms of ski destinations, Val d'Isere remains the number one ski resort for Scott Dunn, with Courchevel a close second. In US it's Whistler that's the most popular. Generally the ski season tends to be shifting back by a month, with more people waiting for Easter for their ski holiday in the hope of better snow. 

And finally, summer alpine holidays are on the up. With families wanting more than the average beach break, the Alps offer a lovely climate and plenty of activities that fit the rise in popularity of wellness-type holidays. 

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