Q&A with Marine Lloris


What inspired you to design children's clothes? 

I found my inspiration from everything I see around me, but mostly I find inspiration in my two daughters, Anna-Rose and Giuliana.


They are very beautifully made, what sort of occasions do you see children wearing them for?

Thank you! All the dresses are made using high quality fabrics, so I see the pieces being worn more for special occasions but some of the shapes of the dresses mean they are perfect for everyday wear too.


What are your favourite outings with your daughters? 

We love to go for walks together in Hampstead Heath which is close to where we live. But during the summer we all adore going to the beach, some of our best times are when we are back home in the South of France.

What does Christmas mean to you? 

Christmas is my favourite day in the year. Our families come to visit us and my daughters love having everyone around. The day has become so much more emotional for me since having my kids as it is so special to see the magic through their eyes, I will never tire of that.


What do you love and hate about London? 

This city is so beautiful. I love the spirit and I love people in London, they are so polite!

I definitely don’t love the weather…


What are you hoping most for for Christmas this year?

Honestly, nothing in particular. As long as I have my family around me, that’s all that matters.


What is your favourite holiday? 

I am definitely a ‘summer girl’ and am happiest when the weather is warmer. I like nothing more than being at home in the South of France during the summer with family and friends.


What is your favourite activity to do with kids? 

We love to spend time doing some sort of creative activity or cooking together.


What's your perfect weekend?

The perfect week end for me is when we are all together as a family. We like to relax at home, go for a walk, make some crepes together and spend time playing with the girls.


What is the best advice you've ever been given? 

To believe in what you love the most.

And stay away from people who criticise your dreams.


What is the single most important thing to teach your children? 

The value of education.


How do you relax?

When watching movies with a big bowl of popcorn and a cup of tea.


Do you go to watch all Tottenham games? 

As often as I can, yes! We love to go to the games. It’s stressful but it’s also fun at the same time.


Which team is going to win the league this year? 

The season is still long and where the Premier League is concerned, there are always lots of surprises….

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