Baked in Brick

Who is the man behind award winning Baked in Brick?

Lee Desanges.  Lee has worked in the catering industry for almost 15 years, both front and back house and in establishments ranging from gastro pubs to Mitchelin star kitchens.  His attention to detail is second to none – from selecting which type of wood gives the best flavour (oak) to choosing thigh over breast for his Chicken Tikka.   


When did his street food dream ignite?

Lee built a wood fired oven in his garden.  After lots of parties, casual dinners and lazy summer evenings sat around the pizza oven, he mastered the delights of wood fired cooking and all it has to offer.  He even slow roasted a leg of lamb in it one rainy Christmas day.  Lee had a passion for cooking and felt that a street food trader with something different to offer could be popular.  His truck was purchased impulsively late one night on Ebay!

His formula for success?

Lee’s initial idea was to serve Neapolitan stone baked pizza from a wood fired oven he installed in the boot of his classic mini convertible, but after finding out what business’ were already out there trading, he pulled in his Indian heritage, converted the bonnet into a grill, and added his absolute favourite food, Chicken Tikka to the menu.  His advice to current and potential street food traders and any business really

“Try and do something unique.  If you don’t you’re just competing.”

What he serves...

Neapolitan stone baked pizza, Chicken Tikka from the BBQ with homemade flat bread, slow cooked Lamb Shoulder from the oven on Toasted Sour Dough Bread, delicious Calzone. 

His British Street Food Awards winning dish?

Beef shin ragu and wild mushroom calzone.

Where can you find him?

Originally Birmingham based, Lee and his mini have won a pitch at one of London Union’s magical street food markets.