Bessie the Caravan

What’s your street food?

Good old fashioned homemade ‘teas’  served from Bessie my vintage Cheltenham caravan.  All of my produce is either baked, grown, born, foraged for or blended in the Kent countryside.  As much as possible is sourced from my own small holding. 

Did you have a ‘Eureka’ moment when your business idea came to life?

Absolutely – ideas are the easy bit.  I went on a week long baking course at Riverside Cottage.  The course content was great but my ‘Eureka’ moment came from spending time with like-minded people, they were creative and inspirational.  I left that week thinking ‘I can really do this’.  

Formula for success?

There is no formula but I combined all the things I love - vintage kitchenalia, community and baking. I looked at the usable resources I already had and I listed the skills I have and like using and got help with skills I don’t have and never will. 

 Whats popular?

In the summer our homemade ice cream is really popular.  My Broadstairs Pudding club (a parlour based group who gather monthly for a light main course followed by samples of six puddings) have just given the thumbs up to a new addition to our ice cream menu made by adding a blitzed stick of seaside rock to our basic recipe. Delicately minty with a slight crunch. I’m always experimenting!

Any top tea tips?

Make sure your pot is a good pourer.  NO DRIPS.

ALWAYS warm your pot. 

Let your tea brew for 3-4 minutes

For GREEN TEA add a little bit of cold water before the hot, this stops any bitterness coming through in the flavour.

BLUE tea is believed to help with weight loss – on that subject eating cake mix doesn’t!

Where can we find you?